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INTERVIEW: Cera Alba Touches on Minimal Techno, House

Thursday, June 04, 2015

In the last 12 months it has been nothing but success for Newcastle, England born Cera Alba. With an impressive CV noting releases on such prominent labels as VIVa MUSiC, Moon Harbour and Hot Creations, his star is certainly shining bright right now. With a whole host of Ibiza shows on the horizon and a packed festival schedule, we caught up with the man to find out how he's made it this far... OTB: Tell us about the beginning of your career, what were the sounds/parties that got you started? Cera: The first style of electronic music I heard which helped shape my career was the emergence of minimal techno around 2004-2005. Club music back then was in a strange position with soulful house becoming less of a main figure on the dance floor so clubbers were craving a new darker sound. For me it made the clubs a totally different experience, much darker and slightly scary at times but I think I liked that feeling. OTB: What were you into before house? Anything amusing from your youth you’d like to disclose? Cera: I imagine there are a hundred different embarrassing tracks I bought back in the day. I think the first cassette I purchased was K.W.S – Please Don’t Go. It’s a cheesy dance pop track full of Juno 106 and Roland 909 shots. OTB: Do you think your sound has changed since the beginning? How has it evolved? Cera: Yeah of course, it’s changed so much. But that’s how you develop. I’m not one to stick to one sound, I’d get bored. OTB: How did you get started with making tunes? Cera: University, experience and self taught. OTB: What would you say is your greatest achievement? Cera: I would say releasing a track on one of my favorite labels Moon Harbour. OTB: You have a release due out on Lost Records. How did that come about? Cera: I work pretty closely with Leftwing & Kody, we have been collaborating and have some music out soon on a pretty big label. So it’s natural for me to release on Lost. I like the direction of the label. OTB: Could you describe the EP to us? What can people expect from it? Cera: It’s straight up house club tracks to get a floor moving and your pants a little wet. OTB: If your house was burning down and you could only save one thing what would it be? Cera: My Mac probably, and maybe my house mates. OTB: Finally, what have you got coming up? Anything else exciting we should know about? Cera: I have EP’s on Avotre and MadTech in next few months as well as releases on Hot Creations and Viva plus some other stuff by then I imagine. Also got some festivals and some gigs and some sleeping and some partying. Cera Alba's 'Orbit' is out now on Lost Records