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INTERVIEW: Moliner & Hopes for Berlin Label Depaart

Friday, June 05, 2015

Label Boss and DJ/Producer Moliner is a man with many industry qualities but it is his eye for talent at the moment that is really causing people to take notice. The array of new DJs that he has chosen for his Berlin based imprint Depaart have all produced quality and continue to do so at every release. With his own release just having dropped on the imprint, we caught up with him to find out his thoughts and hopes for the future for the label... OTB: For those who are unaware of Depaart, how long has it been running and what does it represent? Moliner: Back in 2012 Jorge Primo (aka Georgeous) and me decided to join forces, and created Depaart as a new platform for expressing and releasing the music we wanted to release. We used to work with a bunch of good producers from Majorca, but last year we wanted to go further and brought onboard 5 talented Spanish producers from Madrid. The idea was to develop the brand as a native Madrid one, focused on each artists’ sound and forgetting about everything else, just focus on our approach towards electronic music. OTB: Why did you decide to release this EP through your own label? Moliner: Last year, I made the decision to publish only on Depaart. Over the years, the market has been saturated with record labels. Not long ago I read a statistic, stating that only in 2014, 200 new record labels were created in Spain. For me it is important to publish on Depaart not only because it is my label, but because I want to grow within. OTB: Where did the inspiration come for SN 437? Moliner: I have an strong passion towards philosophy, I always ask myself what the hell am I doing in this world and where did it all begin. Back in university, I spent long summer nights laying on the couch smoking weed with friends and watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos documentary series, so I wanted to make something that reminded me that we are part of the Cosmos. My sound has developed a lot in the past few years. I was dying of boredom in Madrid and my life needed some kind of movement, that’s why I decided to move to Berlin, but it became a little bit of nightmare. The music business is an ungrateful one, and it took me almost one year to try to survive in this jungle…that’s why this last EP is so dark and melancholic. OTB: Over the years what has been your favourite release that has come out of Depaart? Moliner: I think DEP005 from Georgeous was a big one, it led us to becoming the best Spanish upcoming label from 2013 according to Undermagazine (Vicious Magazine) and Eternal Midnight Studio. With two great originals and two remixes from Sidechains and Evan Iff, it took us to the top “musical honestly” and “coherence”. OTB: What do you have planned for the future of Depaart and where would you like to take the sound? Moliner: My plans for Depaart, as well as for all the artists and team involved, is to put Madrid on the radar and say “hey, we are here, this is Depaart and this is who we are, and yessss we are from Madrid”. We know Spain is well known for its parties in Ibiza, Barcelona etc but there is a lack of well-known producers, and I think that we deserve a better status from Spanish media. We want people to think Depaart is the sound of Madrid. The guys behind it are working their asses into the ground, making parties and playing every weekend. OTB: Moving back to you as an artist, where do you take most of your musical influences for your productions? Moliner: My girlfriend has a strong background on music taste and she is always keeping me in the loop of what’s new, cool or whatever. Somehow I get a lot of inspiration from her suggestions, but in the end I do whatever I want or feel in that momento. I’ve never approached a session in the studio by focusing on having to make a certain kind of music – it’s just the flow of the situation and inspiration. OTB: How is your summer shaping up? Can we expect to see you on the road much after following this release? Moliner: 80% is still in the air. But last October I founded the Depaart Music Academy…It’s my little music production academy where I teach and give advice on how to become a better producer. This summer it’s almost full of courses. Since I left Madrid I haven’t had any gigs, music production is not related to having gigs. I have too many things hanging around my head and gigs are not one of them right now…but I wish to start with them again someday. OTB: Do you prefer being the producer, DJ or label boss? Moliner: I’m a shy guy that prefers to work behind the scenes. More and more I became the label boss and left behind the DJ stuff, but I never lost my passion for music production. OTB: So far this year what has been your number one record? Moliner: I have a few nice records in mind, but if I have to choose one I pick Arterial from Lusine. The sound design of his productions is amazing, I love how he applies layering and then packs it altogether. OTB: Can we expect any collaborative works further down the line? Is there anyone you would love to be in the studio with? Moliner: I’m not used to collaborations, maybe I should to give it a try someday. Working with Lusine would be amazing, but I don’t think my sound is as mature however. OTB: Finally, what is your next main hurdle to jump over, both with Moliner and Depaart? Moliner: For Moliner, it’s to be more constant in the studio and keep on making more stuff. For Depaart, it would be to reach a wider audience and keep on developing the brand, until becoming one of the finest labels in Madrid – and hopefully around the world. Moliner's latest release SN 437 on his imprint Depaart is out now Buy it here -