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INTERIVEW: Animal Trainer Creates Buzz in Europe

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Animal Trainer are a duo who constantly bring about quality dance music, be it through their DJ sets or their productions around the world. With their own imprint Hive Audio continuing to go on strong and enhancing their repuatation by the release, we caught up with them to find out what the future holds for the guys from Zurich...

OTB: Hey, how are you? Excited for the summer ahead?

Animal Trainer: Summer has already started for us. Last weekend we played 4 festivals, so its really here :)

OTB: How is things with Hive right now? Have been some amazing records put out on there over the last few months especially?

Animal Trainer: We are still really happy with the label. It's a lot of work especially when you are always on tour, but we like to do this and have a lot of good people who work with us. Our 5 years Hive Audio tour runs very well and we have a lot of good music coming in the next few months.

OTB: What is coming up on there that you are excited about?

Animal Trainer: In August we release a exclusive compilation with tracks from almost all our artists and 2 weeks later the remixes. It's a really nice package with a lot of surprises on it :)

OTB: Your own EP ‘Maunder’ is out on 22nd June? Can you tell us abit more about the EP?

Animal Trainer: It was one of those moments when you sit in the studio and the basic idea is there in around 15 minutes and the arrangement is finished in 2 hours because everything fits so well together. So there is nothing more to say. 

OTB: Have you played this one out in any of your sets? If so, what was the response?

Animal Trainer: Sure, after the mixdown we did some different test masters to play the track and the reactions after the break where always amazing, so we knew we have something exciting here.

OTB: Why did you choose Dario to do the remix?

Animal Trainer: He is one of our favorite producers at the moment out there and a strong part of our Hive Audio family. After the summer there is another strong EP coming from him on Hive Audio, so we keep him running :)

OTB: Do Hive have any showcase parties that we can look forward to in the not too distant future?

Animal Trainer: Oh yes a lot… we've toured now since March and it started just like this. After some nights in Switzerland a lot of German shows came in and also some other countries. It's really nice to see how the people like the magic of the music we represent.

To pick some specials here is for sure the Montreux jazz festival in Switzerland, Watergate in Berlin, Pratersauna in Vienna, the woods in Brussels, Harry Klein in Munich and a lot more. The good thing is that almost all our residents get shows on the tour, its not about big names, its about music.

OTB: Where can we catch you over the summer? Any shows you are particularly excited about?

Animal Trainer: We have now a Brazil tour with 4 gigs. We love Brazil, the food and the people are amazing, and also the country to travel is really nice. Some festivals we are really looking forward to are Paradise City Festival Brussels, Beats and Boats in Berlin and Sonne Mond und Sterne Saalburg. During the summer we have some secret daytime parties in our town of Zürich and in some other cities around. Also after the summer we do our first USA tour so really exciting times ahead. 


Animal Trainer's 'Maunder' is out on their label Hive Audio on 22nd June