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Interview: Ryan Farish Dishes on Third Studio Album, Spectrum

Monday, June 22, 2015

In a world oversaturated by 'trendy' music, American producer, DJ and Billboard-charting artist Ryan Farish stands out amongst the crowd. His upcoming third studio album, a 20-track symphony of tranquil piano melodies with invigorating beats titled Spectrum, takes listeners on a soul searching journey from start to finish. We got a chance to speak to Ryan prior to Spectrum's June 30 release date about his influences, highlights of his career, being a member of the Recording Academy and more in our latest #BehindTheBeat interview. Check it out below!

Ryan Farish Interview 2015

OTB: What influenced you during the making of this album? Ryan Farish: Music... and the idea of being absolutely fearless in the pursuit of art, ideas, and feelings through sound. The title of the album, Spectrum, to me represents the full spectrum of what it means when we create, just for the sake of creating, with no real end game in mind. So much electronic music is created today with so many other agendas rather than just the music. I wanted to do an album of music that I personally was craving to hear. Tones and melodies that evoked feelings that I wanted to feel, express, and the music I discovered while making this album really put me into a "place." The album is 20 songs, because I just didn't want to stop, or "leave" the place that the music was taking me. OTB: How would you describe your music to a new listener? Ryan Farish: Positive Melodies... Electronic music, but not cliche. Familiar, but refreshing. Music is communication, so when you are creating a song, you are saying something. Music over the years has uplifted my spirits, and carried me through the good and the bad times. I hope that my music will help people find a positive, healthy place that they can escape too. OTB: What are your biggest hopes for this album? Ryan Farish: I hope that my fans will enjoy it as much as they have for some of my earlier work, like Beautiful, From the Sky, and Life in Stereo, and I hope that everyone will hear the music and share similar feelings that I experienced while creating these songs. Music is life and while making this album, the life I felt in the music was something that I strongly connected with. I hope that can be felt from others, as well. Spectrum OTB: Favorite non-EDM artist? Ryan Farish: Coldplay OTB: What instrument do you wish you could play? Ryan Farish: Bag pipes. OTB: What do you do to unwind and relax? Ryan Farish: Ride my motorcycle. Every day. Rain... shine... cold... hot. I have to ride. Ryan Farish OTB: What are your thoughts on the current state of dance music in America? Ryan Farish: It's become so commercial, but I think fans are starting to crave more. There are so many beautiful sides of electronic music that aren't as mainstream. When all the dust settles, the true electronic producers will still be making electronic music. After all, before all the hype, we were making this music years ago. OTB: How did you become a member of the Recording Academy? Ryan Farish: I was nominated to serve as an Advisor first, for a year... then I was nominated to be a Governor. One of my all time favorite producers, BT, happened to be my direct competition on the ballet. I was kinda shocked when I won since I actually used my one vote and voted for BT. OTB: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing? Ryan Farish: I can't imagine. hmmm...working on motorcycles? OTB: What has been the best moment of your career so far? Ryan Farish: Every day, actually. I never take one single fan email, or sale/support of my music for granted. There is so much music out in the world, and when another day goes by and thanks to my fans I've been able to do this for a living, THAT is the greatest moment for me. Ryan Farish Pandora Premieres will offer an exclusive stream of Spectrum during the week of June 22-29. Tune in at and make sure to pre-order Spectrum now here.

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