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INTERVIEW: Alexic Rod Goes from Breakbeat to House

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Alexic Rod is a DJ/Producer of quality repute regarding his Breakbeat cuts, but as often with such creative people, he now wishes to showcase his talents in the house domain. With the success he has had before in the dance world, who can argue with him? With his release 'InComing' just dropping on newcoming label Dichotomic, we caught up with the man to discuss his reasons for the crossover in more detail...

OTB: Why did you decide to create Alexic Rod alongside the well known Colombo alias?

Alexic: Well, it's a name that was created some time ago, I've used this alias in some previous House tracks released on other labels a while ago. Now the time has come to take again this name and join in this new project, with the label Dichotomic, with great enthusiasm and total commitment.

OTB: Your next EP InComing is set for release towards the end of the month on Dichotomic, what can we expect from it?

Alexic: I just hope it works and that Alexic Rod's sound starts to be known. Since one only EP does not define a producer, I'm not worried about reaching the top with it.

I have a lot of time and more than enough musical material to evolve calmly. Endorsed by the professionalism of JMekka (Dichotomic Label manager) with whom I've been working many years in his label iBreaks, I have no doubt that I will end up defining a unique sound, which I think is the most difficult to achieve, due to the large number of good producers in the scene of electronic music.

OTB: What has been your greatest influence when writing these two tracks?

Alexic: I really haven't been influenced by anyone in particular. I like the sound achieved by several producers, such as Olivier Giacomotto, Quivver, Stefano Noferini, Danniel Selfmad ... although I've always done music trying to give a personal touch ... the one I believe is inside of all of us.

OTB: What drew you towards releasing on Dichotomic?

Alexic: As I mentioned before, I've been working for many years with JMekka in his label iBreaks, and much of my success in breakbeat, the achieved Breakpolls, Beatport n.1s, etc, I owe to him and his professionalism.

It was extremely exciting when I received the call from him letting me know about this new project in partnership with Deeplastik. The challenge was served in a silver tray, so all I'm going to do now is give it my best shot and enjoy the ride.

OTB: Outside of electronic what do you find yourself listening to most of all and do you think it effects your productions today?

Alexic: Well the truth is that I hear all kinds of electronic music.

OTB: Summer has well and truly kicked off, where can we expect to see you play, will you be heading over to ibiza?

Alexic: I think it's too early for that, but if the opportunity comes, for me it would be a pleasure to perform with my music anywhere.

OTB: Have you had the chance to test these tracks out on the road,what has the reaction been like?

Alexic: Nope, is very early days for this project and I haven't been able to do so.

OTB: How much unreleased material do you have ready to go and is it a similar vibe to this EP?

Alexic: I have so much material prepared. Always changing musical style, some more Deep, others more progressive, more Techno ... concentrating above all on getting my own sound. I just recorded a 1 hour podcast made of tracks that 90% are my own productions.

OTB: Do you find the creative process behind this genre is different to others you have previously worked on?

Alexic: I have been producing and mixing BreakBeat for a long time, and they are totally different. That may confuse you in understanding the small differences of the tech-house groove, but is a great challenge and a good new learning curve.

OTB: It is still early days for the Alexic Rod project, where would you like to see yourself by the time closing parties arrive?

Alexic: I guess you mean, especially the closing parties of Ibiza. To tell you the truth, I'm more attracted for the private parties, which sometimes appear after these Big events. Regarding to the great "closings", I would stick with Amnesia (terrace), DC10, and "Parking" Space.

OTB: And finally, what is the one track right now that is really killing it for you right now?

Alexic: Only one track? ...In my opinion, one of the hits of this summer will be "Sooner Or Later Feat Thomas Gandey (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)".

Alexic's release 'InComing' is out now on Dichotomic