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Jerome Price On Remixes, Developing His Sound & Future Plans

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

We were recently wowed by Jerome Price's "The World I Know" remix for Nause, and this fledgling house producer has plenty more up his sleeve. We spoke to the Brit about everything he has happening at the moment.

* * *

OTB: When did you first start working on the remix? 

JP: "I think it was a few months ago now. I was actually in LA and the label hit me up, saying they really loved my Tim Berg - "Seek Bromance" bootleg/remix and were wondering if I would be interested in doing a remix for one of their artists. I think I listened to the track once, because I don't like to be too influenced by the original when I'm remixing, and knew straight away it was something I could work with. And of course it was a great opportunity remixing for Universal, so it was a no brainer." 

OTB: Were you already familiar with the work of Nause? 

JP: "I wasn't at the time. But I'm really feeling the chilled and deep vibe they brought with "The World I Know". I would definitely call myself a fan, and I’m looking forward to their future releases."

OTB: How would you describe your sound? 

JP: "I guess it's just a mix of all types of genres and elements that I've been exposed to, and love to play. If I had to pinpoint signature characteristics of my sound I would say: swinging percussion with an analogue feel, warm sub basses, atmospheric breakdowns with lots of energy in the drops. I'm always trying to develop my music and take it somewhere a little bit further or a different direction with each track."  

OTB: You’re currently based in the UK. How do you feel the house scene is over there at the moment? 

JP: "I'm based in Newcastle at the moment, a city in the north of England. But it's great. For such a small city, there are so many guys making massive waves in the house world and I want to be one of those guys who inspire the next generation to do great things. If you dig deep enough, there are some great house and techno nights up here too… but yeah, it’s a small city, and it is limited by that sometimes."

OTB: How are summer shows shaping up for you? 

JP: "I've got a few club dates coming up, that I always post about on my social media when they come in. At the moment, we are looking to put out my first original single this summer and build dates from the momentum of that. So you can see what I have coming up on my Facebook etc. but keep watch for my first single… I'm hoping that will be the catalyst to get the ball rolling for even bigger shows."

OTB: What are your main aims for the next couple of years? 

JP: "My main focus is to keep on making music that I enjoy and love. I think I've got the ball rolling and it's just about building that momentum with my remixes. The next step is to start to release my original material that I've been working on and I'm really excited about.  Hopefully I can take my sound and DJ sets across the world… That's really my main goal."