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INTERVIEW: Dark Soul Project Bring South American Flavor

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Ivan Jamie is Dark Soul Project, a young Argentinian producer whose sound has perked the ears of many over the years, not least Nick Warren, who remains a big fan of his. Many labels are starting to pick up on his sound too, not least Tenampa, the Mexican label where he recently dropped his latest bomb. We put some questions to him recently, and here’s what went down… OTB: Tell us about your upbringing. When were you first introduced to electronic music? DSP: A nice question! I can’t tell you when exactly because I was a little child, but my mother used to listen to dance music to clean the house and stuff, and I remember I used to ask her about the music. I used to record them on cassettes in the order I like, so I guess it started from there. OTB: What was it about music that you found so inspiring? DSP: I really enjoy the beat, the creativity, and the cool elements. I always like to listen to different kinds of music, but in electronic music I found lots of elements I like, such as the groove that makes a track danceable and the emotions. OTB: Growing up in Argentina, was electronic music always around you? Did you get to a lot of gigs growing up? DSP: Before I became a DJ I was a big fan of the music. So I kind of grew up in the middle of the scene. I remember that I was like a different guy, like someone crazy because I listened to dance music. It was weird in that time, I was 16 years old and electronic music started to became more popular at massive events. Nowadays you have a lot of events and the public is a lot more interested, of course. I’ve been playing since I was 18, but nowadays there are so many DJs out there. It’s not like the old days! OTB: Was there one moment or time in your life that inspired you to start producing? DSP: I remember it like it was today - I met a guy who’s a producer from Santiago in Chile. He told me he was producing music, and showed me a track and I asked him if I could produce in my house without having a studio. He told me yes, you can have FL studio, and start to do your own tracks. I couldn’t imagine at that moment that it would be a passion I’d still be living today. OTB: How long did it take you to get to a stage where you were fully confident in your own productions? DSP: I think music production is a long route that never really ends. Perhaps someone can teach you, but it’s your own route - and you have to train your brain and ears properly. Recently I think I’ve started to feel like a real producer. I know that I’ve had a lot of my music signed to good labels, which is a great feeling. OTB: You have a new track out now on Tenampa. How long were you working on it for? DSP: Tracks sometimes take me a few days, but this one I did it with time. It’s based around the sounds of Maceo Plex, with noisy vocals and groovy techno sounds. I developed them and then I had this mental groove! OTB: How satisfied are you with it? Did you complete everything you set out to do? Did it end up as you imagined? DSP: I really enjoy the process but I always feel I can do more. In this case I am happy with the track and it sounds ace on the dance floor. I am playing it at every gig and people really like it after the breakdown especially – there’s so much energy at that part. But I feel that the sound could be better, I need a better setup and I would like to have a new soundcard and new monitors for a start. OTB: What does producing on a label like Tenampa mean to you? Are you a big fan of everything they do? What’s your favourite Tenampa release? DSP: I really like Gabriel’s work; he understands that house music changes, he understands that there is a new underground sound. And this sound is influenced by other genres and that’s really cool. Everything is possible and the most important thing nowadays is sound quality and fresh ideas. I think we are at a good time, and better times come with music. I think there are some artists who are doing a great job with music, like Maceo Plex , John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Tale of Us etc. The Label Material, Hot Since 82, and many others. Tenampa is a great label, and it’s doing a great job - avant garde music is like a signature of the label. OTB: What’s the next step in your career and as a producer do you feel? DSP: I think I walk a long way. And I am starting to feel more comfortable so now. My next step is to do a hit, or at least is my idea. I know I did a lot of good tracks I feel I have never done a hit. And I would like to do something special. Something emotional. Something different, perhaps a little bit commercial but not too much, something underground, or in the middle, of that point. It is not easy I know, but I wake up every morning and I compose something I like. I am always thinking to do something special. I really enjoy searching the sound, searching my mind, surfing on different music styles. I enjoy tripping in music. I hope one day I can do something really what I like. OTB: What's next for you? DSP: I would really like to know! I only know that I want to do more music. I want to do something special, something emotional and at the same time with groove. That’s what I want. And about playing music I want to play more in other places I have never played. I will be touring Europe in September and I will play at Bloque festival and I have other gig request I am closing soon. I will see my friend Kintar in Ibiza and we are going to work on some fresh stuff. And I will be visiting Mexico again. I can’t wait to make it happen - I really love Mexican people and the Mexican vibe. So much love, so many nice people, true hearts I find there. My friend Eduardo from Silence Trough Music, my friend Rodrigo Cortazar, Neftali Blasko, Uvo, Hugo Ibarra, Tini Tun, Gabriel I, Abraham hdz, Emanuel Moran, and many others. I really enjoy time in Mexico! And I love the food and drinks there! As I told you before I love having time with friends and enjoying life. Music is the background of some great moments. You can find out more about Dark Soul Project at:

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Dark Soul Project’s Night Pleasure is out now as part of Tenampa Essentials