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HXV On Collaborating, Developing Their Sound & Album Plans

Saturday, July 04, 2015

With their newest single "What You Off" ft. Lil Uzi Vert already spreading like wildfire, we wanted to hear more about how DJ/production platform HXV go about making their unique brand of music.

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OTB: When did you start writing “What You Off”?  HXV: "We started the writing process on that record in June of last year." OTB: Was it an enjoyable creative process? How did working with Lil Uzi Vert come about?  HXV: "I've known Uzi for awhile now. I found out about him when he just had this one record (U.Z.I produced by my boy Charlie Heat). He was this young kid from Philly making music that didn't sound like what you expect Philly rap music to sound like (Freeway, Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel). I reached out to him and we connected on FaceTime and vibed while I was on tour. I sent him over a few things and two of the records we used for the EP ("What You Off" and parts of his verses/hook for "Made It")." OTB: How do you feel your sound has developed over the past couple of years? HXV: "The HXV sound has always been dark, not only in aesthetic but also sonically. But I think at its roots I just make Atlanta music and take influences from outside of ATL. In my mind I've always made rap music, just sometimes without the vocals on it. The past 2 years or so I've really been interested in more subtle forms of electronic music like techno. These slow unfolding things that aren't as ADD driven as current EDM. I like the combination of something like techno and juxtaposing it with the textures of older Southern rap like DJ Screw. I like the couture approach to making music, where less is more and each piece really holds its own space." OTB: Do you prefer working on remixes or original material?  HXV: "It's a different process for each one and both are fulfilling in different ways. I didn't remix anything for over a year so it was nice to do The Weeknd "The Hills" remix. I'm going to do a remix per month for the rest of the year, I think." OTB: Could you name three of your all time favorite tunes?  HXV: "Impossible! My favs change constantly with my mood for the moment." OTB: Do you have any plans for an album at the moment? HXV: "Eventually yes, but I really want it to be special and not just a collection of singles.  I think Jamie XX nailed it with his "In Colours" album. Sonically that's different than I would do, but I really like the idea of a cohesive vision that shifts moods throughout the project."

Be sure to grab a copy of "What You Off" here.