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INTERVIEW: Polish Duo Venter Brings Variety to Dance Music

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Venter are a Polish duo who are making a name for themselves at the moment for their excellent production skills. They take in a wide array of dance genres with what seems like a devastatingly simple approach that has won them many fans across Europe. Now looking to spread their work a little further, we caught up with the guys to talk their past, and their very big plans for the future....

OTB: How would you best describe the sound of Venter and what makes it unique?

Venter: At the moment it is a combination of electronic music with elements of acoustic music. Modern sound drawing on synth sounds from 80s interspersed with classical music. It seems to us that we have within us a certain melancholy that pierces through our music. This may be the Slavic roots showing through. We wanted strength and good vibes to be part of Venter music. Venter's also strongly emotional. A mix of our personalities.

OTB: Outside of electronic music, where would you say your biggest influences stem from?

Venter: A lot of factors influence us and our creativity. Starting from our roots, the place we are at currently, the life we lead, our moods or even the instruments we play. It all has an impact. We are like sponges, so we absorbs everything. Later, sometimes even unaware, we pour it into music. Our music is also impacted by our internal need to develop ourselves and our skills. A continuous search for... more interesting rhythms, more moving melodies, or just something new.

OTB: Is Venter the first project you guys have worked on or have you both been involved within the scene for some time now?

Venter: Venter is not a first project for either of us. Tomasz Bednarczyk previously worked alone. He recorded solo albums with ambient music (including for the famous  label 12k or Room40), co-founded along with Luke Kobsterem a project Harrison Chord, set up the record label “ We Are Your Music Mate" publishing club music. Tomasz Mreńca worked with Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq), he also co-founded an international project The Frozen Vaults with which he published material with experimental and avant-garde music. He also creates music for theater.

OTB: You have some classical training within Venter, how do you think this gives you an upper hand above other producers?

Venter: That's right. We have this ability. This time we took advantage of it by combining electronics with complex violin parts. But this does not mean that we will repeat this on all future productions. If it  somehow differentiated us and benefited our music -  it is very good. It seems to us that the most important thing is creativity and without classical training you can also create satisfying compositions. We try not to compare ourselves to anyone... just do our job the best we can.

OTB: What has been your proudest moment as part of Venter and what do you have your sights set on next?

Venter: The biggest source of pride was when we first put our hands on the vinyl record with our songs. It is very exciting when abstract and nonphysical things suddenly find themselves on something physical, material. We hope to experience more such moments. Considering we are working on new material, the chances are pretty good.

OTB: The response to this EP so far has all been positive, have you been getting a lot more bookings for the summer, where can we expect to see you play this year?

Venter: We are very pleased that the reception of the EP was so good. We got a lot of positive feedback from individuals, other producers and DJs  and this is really cool!  We were also excited to hear that our track was aired on BBC Radio1. It is true that following the release of the the EP for Catch Recordings, LP for Sensfloor and after playing several big festivals, interest has increased. All information about concerts is published on our Facebook. We are affiliated with C&C Booking agency which organizes concerts.

OTB: Will your live performances be as unique as your music?

Venter: Thank you for the compliment. We will do our best. There are two variations of our performances. It all depends on whether we play a concert or club /dance event. The concert version where we play songs from the LP include synthesizers, violin, loopers, effect processors and a computer. It is an entire spectrum of colors, sounds and emotions. The club / dance version has much more edge, is stronger and faster. Stronger rhythms and more aggressive synth arpeggios. Recently, more and more often we mix these two ideas. Sometimes a club version includes calm and ambient moments and vice versa, when we play a concert the violin and melancholic synth sounds are joined by more dance beats.

OTB: Working as a duo do you ever find yourselves having contrasting ideas? How do you work around this?

Venter: Typically, our visions are similar and we can easily find a common denominator for our thoughts. But of course there are occasions when we have completely different ideas regarding the songs or other activities related to the Venter project, but we are able to efficiently resolve these situations. Besides, those contrasting ideas are part of the beauty and the advantages of working in a duet, they make it much more interesting. It can also be inspiring. It is not always about reaching a compromise. Sometimes you just go with the better idea for the given moment.

Venter's EP 'Lost' is out now on Catch Recordings -