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Ketami Interview

Monday, July 06, 2015

Ketami are a duo of DJs/ producers; Ami, a native of the US, and Ben, of Australian origin. They started in 2012 with productions heavily influenced by Deep House and House Ghetto. Very prolific, they enslaved the EPs and singles at breakneck speed, either as a free download or on labels like Sweep the Floor, The Butterfly and Xcited Records to name a few. With their latest release 'Break Down' now out on French imprint Carton Pate, we sat down with the duo to find out more about them and what their plans are for the future....

OTB: Do you ever find yourselves having conflicting ideas? How do you work around this?

KETAMI: We often disagree about sounds and sometimes this is a challenge with production because it can slow down the process. But we both find that having our two ideas and opinions usually makes our tracks stronger in the end. Sometimes one of us will show the other something new and we totally don't agree but then we use our criticism or negative feedback to transform it into something better. It's great being a duo because you always have feedback and support from another person instead of getting stuck in your own head as a producer. 

OTB: You are just about to release the four track EP 'Break Down' on Carton-Pate Records. What can we expect to hear from this collection?

KETAMI: We are really happy with this EP! You can expect some really heavy basslines and vibes that we hope get people as happy as we feel when we listen to this EP.

OTB: Outside of electronic music where do you take most of your influences and how do you think it shapes the sound you make today?

KETAMI: We listen to a lot of Hip Hop and are definitely influenced to bring a new feeling to Electronic music with the collaboration of rap vocals.

Also, a lot of our friends don't listen to a lot of electronic music and when we hang out with them we listen to what hypes them up and what sounds they want to party to. From their reactions to different styles of music whether its rap, alternative, acoustic, we've been inspired to build something similar in the electronic genre. 

OTB: How is your summer schedule looking, where can we catch you guys playing?

KETAMI: We have a residency in Sydney at an outdoor/indoor beach club and are probably doing a USA tour this August. You can catch us at Temple nightclub late summer and a few other surprise gigs in LA.

OTB: Is there one venue around the world that you dream of playing one day?

KETAMI: We are super into the Boiler Room, Ibiza parties and definitely hope to play at one of their parties! Europe in general is where we are hoping to tour next. 

OTB: What was the hardest part about making this release? 

KETAMI: We're both really picky about our sounds and we did a lot of editing and revising which did get hard at times for both of us. But in the end we were both really happy with the outcome from the amount of work and the attention to detail that we put in. 

OTB: What has the reaction been like on the road to this EP, is there one track that goes off more than the others?

KETAMI: We have connected to our fan base on different levels to each track. There has been a huge amount of support for all 4 on this EP. Diamonds has probably gotten the most attention, but they have all been positively going off at gigs. 

OTB: What can we expect from Ketami over the next year, where would you like to take your sound?

KETAMI: We want to work a lot on getting local vocalists to collaborate with. We want to work more on some tech/tech house tracks and really diversify what we are releasing. 

OTB: Who would be your dream collaboration?

KETAMI: Billy Kenny. Carl Cox. Justin Martin

OTB: Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds and how you first came to make music together?

KETAMI: We both grew up with musical surroundings and became interested in house music at early ages. We met through mutual friends in Bali where the electronic music scene was pretty big due to so many Europeans living there. We were both living there as well and just started DJing and playing around with production together. Then we decided to form Ketami and the rest is history. 

OTB: What is one positive, and one negative, from working as a duo?

KETAMI: Positive: We can critique each other and get a second idea and it's really nice to build off each others  creativity to create something that on our own probably would be half as good. 

Negative: Sometimes we totally disagree about what sounds good and thats a challenge. In some cases one of us just has to accept and work around it. 

Ketami's 'Break Down' is out now on Carton Pate

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