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Per QX & Zoo Brazil Interview

Friday, July 17, 2015

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Per QX has recently been profiled by DJ mag as a new school star and is based in Sweden, Berlin and London. He has released on Steve Angello's Size label and has worked with Zoo Brazil before now, whilst he is also a top DJ who runs his own party GutterSlut. Zoo Brazil needs no introduction as a Grammy and Brit Award nominee, having served up plenty of heat in his time. Together they have just released 'Give It Up' on the infamous Noir Records label. We caught up with the guys to find out how they came to work together and what plans they might have as a duo in the future...

OTB: How did you guys first meet and how long was it before you took a step in the studio together?

Per: I heard a track John did back in 2009 called Technik and I got super impressed by the amazing production. I played it in all my sets, so I later hunted down John at The ADE in Amsterdam. I was DJing for Roger Sanchez "Release Yourself" party and John for the showcase of Great Stuff Recordings. I was living in London and John in Stockholm, then 3 years later we ended up being neighbours and sharing the same studio in Stockholm.   

Zoo: Yes I recall meeting Per at ADE many years ago, and years later we had some common friends that were in the same studio complex.

 OTB: Do you have similar backgrounds when it comes to your musical upbringing? 

 Per: I started DJing when I was 12, and started a band with my friends outside Stockholm when I was 15. It wasn't until I moved to London when I was 25 I got to DJ in clubs all over the world. I'm coming from the gay scene, so house music has always been my sound.

 Zoo: I started to DJ as a youngster and was grown up as well in a small city outside of Stockholm. Music has always been in my family, my uncle used to play in one of the first Swedish punk bands in the middle/late 70's.

OTB: Where did 'give it up' originate from, what came first, drums, melody etc?

Per: It was a demo I did that I played John, and we thought let's make this together. John is really good with his analogue synth, drums etc whilst I'm good with melodies and hooks. The melody got a bit of a 90's inner city vibe, and it was quite cool to get Kevin Saunderson to remix it in the end. 

Zoo: Yes I heard this Demo Per we diced to make it together and I added my twist on it. I have a good collection of analog synths and weird vintage boxes so it turned out really good I think. It definately has that early 90's house vibe and as I'm a bit of a friend of Kevin Saunderson I asked him to remix it, which he loved.

OTB: It is set for release on Noir's label, how does it feel to be on such a well respected label and how did  you go about getting the release on it?

Per: I think I got almost all the Noir releases, it's a great label to be associated with.

Zoo: I think that more Noir should be happy to have us onboard. I'm being humble now :) Noir have been a friend for some time and have had some amazing releases and as a Scandinavian fellow I sent the track over to him after talking about doing a release for him, so it was very easy. He has promised me a traditional Danish smörebröd and tuborg next time I'm in Denmark.

OTB: From this collaboration can we expect to see you guys DJing together in the future?

Per: We have played a couple of sets together already, and I'm sure we will do a few more in the near future. We both play quite energetic music, so it's quite easy to do a b2b set. 

Zoo: Yes it would be super fun why not.

OTB: How are your schedules looking for the coming months, are you heading out to the white isle at any point?

Per: I'm heading over to play at Lovebox festival in London on Saturday, then the weekend after I will be at the YO Sissy festival in Berlin. In august I will have holidays, so no plans for Ibiza yet. Berlin has so much choice of great open air clubs over the summer, so the thought of going to an overpriced island full of stupid drunk tourists who wanna hear EDM, doesn't really excite me that much. Though Ibiza has some cool kids and clubs as well of course. 

Zoo: I had some Ibiza requests so we shall see. I normally go there and do a b2b set with Wally Lopez each year so I will wait and see if my favourite Spanish amigo has something coming up for me, but as Per says its not that exciting for me anymore either. But if its the right party, sure.

OTB: Have you had the chance to play this record out in any of your shows, if so what has the reaction been like ?

Per: The response has been good, I played the Pig&Dan mix on Saturday morning here in Berlin and it went down really well.

Zoo: Yes and people have been buzzing about this hopefully one of the summer tracks..

OTB: This release comes packed with a number of remixes, how did you go about selecting who should get the remix duty and what did you look to achieve with the remixes ? 

Zoo: I basically asked some friends to remix it for us, so it was very easy.

OTB: Can we expect any further work from you two as a duo, if so what can we expect to hear from the sound? 

Per: We are both very stubborn about how we want final productions to sound, so if we haven't killed each other in the studio, there will be more songs coming out for sure! 

Zoo: I think Per has a point there, no compromising, but the end result its amazing so it's worth all the studio discussions.

OTB: And finally if you could bring one other artist into the project to make it a trio, who would that be and why? 

Zoo: I would definately bring Rowlf from the Muppet show, my favourite one. He is both misunderstood and melancholic and would bring a good flavour I think. 

Per QX & Zoo Brazil's track 'Give It Up' is out now on Noir Records

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