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Markomas Interview

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Italian DJ/Producer Markomas is steadily making a strong name for himself over in his homeland. With a recent release just out on Hector Couto's Spanish imprint Roush, where he joins forces with fellow native Atove, big things are on the horizon for the young prodigy. We caught up with the guy to talk about how the collaboration came to be, and what his thoughts are on the Italian scene right now... OTB: You're from Italy, right? Was it a good place to experience electronic music as a teenager? What were your first experiences of it all? Markomas: Yes I’m from Foggia (Southern Italy). I think it was a really important place for my musical experiences as a teenager. Italy is full of art and that has influenced a lot my musical tastes. It was my first experience as a DJ in a small club in my city. OTB: So when did you meet Atove? And where? Markomas: I met Arturo (Atove) 3 years ago in my city. I quickly understood I had found a great friend and musical partner. OTB: Do you think it's better or worse than it used to be in Italy for house music these days? Or just different? Markomas: Honestly, I think that Italy at the moment isn’t one of the best places for house music, because that kind of music is not yet as widespread as in other countries such as the UK. However, we are full of great artists and the scene is growing day by day. OTB: So where are the best clubs to go to if we’re visiting then? Markomas: If you are visiting Italy I recommend you to come to the south, where there are two of the most important clubs in the country: Guendalina and Cromie OTB: Have you ever considered moving abroad? Are you just as motivated and inspired as you’ve ever been within the Italian scene? Markomas: At the moment I feel good here and I want to keep working hard in the birthplace of my musical career. I'm seeing a lot of positive changes in the scene that are hopeful for the future. OTB: Are there ever times were you struggle for inspiration then? What do you do in those instances? Markomas: Yes there are times when I have fewer inspirations. In those cases to find it, I listen to music of all kinds, from classical to blues, to capture some elements and transform it into new ideas. OTB: And aside from yourselves, what other Italian DJs should we be looking out for? Markomas: It’s really hard to give an answer. There are so many Italian artists in the scene, both estabilished and non. That would be impossible for me to give you only a few names. OTB: Do you go out clubbing much these days? Who was the last DJ/producer to really impress you in that regard? Markomas: Strangely, I’m not a lover of clubbing. I prefer to be on the other side of the console eheh. Recently, I listened to a Richy Ahmed set in my city that really impressed me. OTB: What constitutes success for you as a producer? Who influences your work the most? Markomas: I think a producer achieves success when he produces something that impresses people, without changing their musical tastes. My works are influenced by house legends but also from artists of completely different genres. OTB: So can you tell us a bit about your label? How did it come about? Markomas: My label, Chapeau Music, was born almost four years ago when I decided with my friend Biagio Palumbo (Niceteed) to start a new exciting musical adventure. Over the years Chapeau is giving us a lot of satisfaction. Actually we are preparing great releases for the future. OTB: So is music a full-time thing for you now? What are your other hobbies? Markomas: Electronic Music is the main thing for me right now. However it isn't full time because I’m busy with my studies. About my other hobbies, I play some musical instruments like guitar, bass, piano, and I also love to work as a graphic designer. OTB: Can you tell me a bit about your latest EP? Is there a story behind it at all? Markomas: Cold Minds EP is my first collaboration with Atove. We decided to create old school taste tracks without losing our personal styles. The tracks came out very easily and we are really happy about the result. OTB: Did the EP end up as you hoped it would? Or do you generally go off on tangents when you’re producing? Markomas: Yes the EP reflects what me and Arturo wanted to create. However making it, we changed thousands of time sounds and stuff to follow new ideas and reach the better result . OTB: Are you very picky about where your music gets signed to? Is it important that the label has a similar ethos to yourself? Markomas: Yes, in my opinion the label is the main element to value my own music. I always try to sign my tracks in labels that are able to enhance their artists and promote music in a proper way. OTB: If you could produce on one other label and with one other producer, what would they be and why? Markomas: I would love to produce an EP with Sidney Charles for Avotre. I think Sydney is one of the best artists of the scene, that never fails with his tracks. Avotre is a label that really reflects the style I’m doing right now! OTB: What's next for you that you’re particularly excited about? Markomas: I’m really excited about the release of Cold Minds. There are some other important releases and some gigs abroad! I’m also working to start a new label where I hope to bring great artists! OTB: If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring? Markomas: Since it wouldn’t be possible to use my mac and my analogue machines I would bring my guitar, to make some music even without electricity eheh.. OTB: If you could use 3 words to describe working with Atove, what would they be? Markomas: The words would be: determination, professionalism and fun =) Markomas has just released his EP 'Cold Minds' with Atove on the Roush Label. Buy it here -