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DeModa On Unique Inspiration, Future Bass & Future Plans

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Keep reading to check out this OTB Exclusive Interview with DeModa!

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OTB: We love the new single, “Clear Conscience”. Where did you take inspiration from when writing this track?  DeModa: "The inspiration came from my iPhone, in a way! I’d been fooling around with the Imaschine app, and before long, I had this wicked hip-hop beat at my fingertips. Then I transferred the snippet into Logic, hoping it might sound even better. Voila! The song and melody completely changed, but the foundation of what became “Clear Conscience” remained the same. And, I’d have to say, Imaschine is a great catalyst for ideas." OTB: How long did it take you to complete? Are you a fast worker or are you more of a perfectionist?  DeModa: "Both! But “Clear Conscience” was one of those songs that just fell into place as soon as I got the chord progression right. However, after the structure of the track was completed, I did have some issues with the mixdown because I became a perfectionist during post-production. Truly, pressure is the best motivator when I quickly need to create high-quality work." OTB: How would you describe the DeModa sound to someone who had never heard it before?  DeModa: "If someone hasn’t heard the DeModa sound, I’d tell them they’re missing out on uplifting, addictive, down-tempo goodness! Even those familiar with my music have a hard time classifying it, sometimes pegging it Future Bass, other times Chill." OTB: What’s been your proudest career moment to date?  DeModa: "When MakJ wrapped up an episode of his Revolution Radio podcast with my remix of Odesza’s “White Lies” — right after saying that he honestly could not stop listening to it — I felt like a champion!" OTB: Do you have any plans for an album? DeModa: "Funny you should ask! At this very moment, I’m finishing work on my forthcoming album, "Polar South" — and am so excited for its release! I finally feel like I’ve been able to establish my own original style, and it serves as an especially helpful guideline when I produce music. When that’s intact, I also find that inspiration eludes me less often." OTB: What other artists have inspired you since you started making music? DeModa: "SoundCloud is my go-to source for a wealth of talented and inspiring musicians. As for well-known artists who have influenced me — and this list is not at all comprehensive — I’d have to name the following: Odesza: For their efforts to sound different while keeping their music fun. Flume: For his indie-rock-meets-hip-hop crossover genius. Mura Masa: For his sophisticated yet catchy sound. Kygo: For his tropical house talent. Madeon: For his hands-down incredible live shows. Porter Robinson: For his haircut." OTB: Could you share a little known fact about yourself with us?  DeModa: "Growing up, I wanted to be a professional skateboarder. Then I joined my dad as a union steamfitter — assembling, maintaining, and repairing pipe systems in New York City. Now I’m finally doing what I’ve always loved most: Making music that I hope people enjoy."

Grab "Clear Conscience" here.