INTERVIEW: MEK Set to Drop New Tracks, Planning for More

MEK’s brand new remix of Stevie R & Matt Hardinge’s ‘Measuring The Universe’ is set to drop on Inside Out Records. We caught up with the guys to dig a little deeper into what shapes their sound, their history and where MEK will go in the future…

OTB: How has your year been so far for the band? What’s been keeping you busy?

MEK: Pretty good. Music keeps us busy. 

OTB: How long have you guys been together then? Do you share very similar musical ideas?

MEK: We’ve been together as MEK for a while, as regards to musical ideas we both have a similar passion for music which ranges from techno to progressive rock. We have a real sense for live elements so instead of heavy programming we prefer to record performances which can be a bit more time consuming but we feel it adds a unique dynamic to the productions.

OTB: So what sort of music did you grow up with then? And when did you become interested in house music?

MEK: Let me answer that as the oldest one. I became interested in music at a young age, maybe 4 or 5. As the youngest of a big family I used to sit and watch my brothers and sister playing guitar, piano, drums etc… So we would sit and jam, eventually I got  my first drum set at the age of 10. I started listening to house music some time in the early 90’s which seems like a long time ago but at the end of the 90’s I really had a love for UK garage.

OTB: Was there one moment where you realized this is what you wanted to do then?

MEK: Not really, our life has been music music and more music so we would like to believe that it was organic and natural.

OTB: So how did you learn to make music? Did you take classes? Or just through trail and error on your laptop? 

MEK: I had formal training on Piano and drums as a kid but most of all the really useful stuff was learnt on gigs. As for production, I took an old school approach, which was basically first as an artist working on my songs with producers and engineers. However if you sit in a studio and don’t pick up the skills perhaps you’re in the wrong business. Eventually my record company at the time, East west, brought me a studio because they believed that the music was being watered down or changed from the demos and I became a studio owner.


OTB: How long did it take until you got to a stage where you were pretty assured with your sound?

MEK: I’d say that’s the million dollar question …pass

OTB: What other challenges are you guys faced with at the moment from a music point of view?

MEK: Getting paid (haha)

OTB: When was the last time you heard a track that was really stunningly produced? What made it stick out for you? 

MEK: Ame’s remix of Turn around really kept flowing around our head.

OTB: From that point of view, which track of yours was the biggest challenge to put together?

MEK: The next one …

OTB: And when you’re coming up with a new track, what do you start on? The samples? The bassline? How does that all work for you?

MEK: All of the above. Sometimes it’s nice to get a really chord progression together but sometimes it’s as effective to jam against a drum machine.

OTB: So can you explain the Inside Out remix to us a bit then? What was the vibe you were going for with it?

MEK: Really we wanted it to sound as organic . Shawni has a voice which is emotional and we really tried to keep that vibe intact. But because it was a remix we wanted it to have its own unique flavor.

OTB: What do you see as the future of your productions?

MEK: As time keeps slipping into the future its important to keep on top of that concept.

OTB: And what else have you coming up that you’d like to shout about? 

MEK: We usually shout when we’re having a beer…

MEK’s remix on Inside Out Records latest release Measuring The Universe is out on 10th August. 



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