INTERVIEW: Federico Grazzini on His Most Influential Records

Federico Grazzini is one of Italy’s most revered DJs. A resident at both Tenax in Florence and the Zoo Project in Ibiza, he also holds two of the most coveted residencies in the game. Here, he gives us a glimpse into his record collection, as we put some questions to him re: his most influential records…

OTB: Your all-time favourite club track?

KC Flightt – Let’s Get Jazzy (Dope Mix)

This one could last for hours for me, the groove is unbelievable, no word about the bassline, impressed by the use of the jackin vocals, a masterpiece!

OTB: The track you’ve finished a set with the most often?

Chicken Lips – He not In (Club)

It starts slowly from a little percussive groove, and suddenly goes into a “hands up” moment, it’s like it’s made to close a party in the best way.

OTB: The track you cleared the floor with (what happened when?)

Basement Jaxx – Red Alert

I can’t forget, summer of 99, and I still can’t forget! I don’t think it was the record’s fault, I loved it, but on that soundsystem the high frequencies with that tune where unbearable! A few moments later and it was too late 🙁

OTB: The track you rescued a floor with?

Robert Hood presents Floorplan – Funky Soul (Original Mix)

You can play this track in a house set, you can play it in a techno set, you can play it whenever. Every single dancefloor will raise up!

OTB: The cheesiest/ guiltiest secret track you love?

Chicks on Speed – Wordy Rappinghood

It just puts a smile on my face. Good memories about that track from a few parties too 🙂

OTB: The track that everyone else loved that you hated?

Howling – Smells like teen spirit

I think there are some untouchable things in music… that one was one of them for me.

OTB: The track that you loved that everyone hated?

Rebolledo – Pitaya Frenesí (Vocal Version)

It’s “different” fresh stuff that gave me emotions, but I discovered that it doesn’t have the same effect on most of the people I had around.

OTB: Anything you’d like plugging?

Ricardo Villalobos – Waiworinao

No words needed for this 8 minutes of love 🙂

Federico Grazzini’s ‘I Like That’ is out now on Monza Ibiza Records



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