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INTERVIEW: Lane 8 On "Rise," The Popularity of Deep House, and More

Thursday, August 13, 2015
Matthew Jager

In a world saturated with producers and DJs it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. This isn't really an issue for Lane 8 who has seen an abundance of success in the recent months and years. Known for his slick deep vibes, Lane 8 has a large discography of remixes and singles and now has his debut album, "Rise," to add to his impressive track record. Only The Beat got the chance to catch up with Lane 8 to talk about how his new album has been received, his upcoming tour, and the state of the music industry. You can find the full interview with the legendary Lane 8 below, as well as links to all of his music and social media so you can go even deeper.

Interview With Lane 8

OTB: While you don’t solely produce in a deep house style, how has the explosion of popularity in deep house affected you? Has it affected your taste in how you produce your music?
Lane 8: That's a good question - I'd say in the beginning it was a big benefit, the genre as a whole gained a lot of popularity in the 3-4 years that I've been producing as Lane 8. That has led to bigger and better venues and festivals booking house music, more chances to remix bigger artists, etc. On the flip side, as with all genres that suddenly come up, there is a certain backlash - and I've resonated with the backlash at times, too. I don't like to play 2012 bassline deep house in my sets, in fact I can't stand that music anymore, even if it's what I was playing when I first came up. I think a lot of DJs are driven by the need to find music that's different and showcase it, and the explosion of "deep house" has definitely pushed me to broaden my own sets and include music from other genres to differentiate myself.
OTB: What was your inspiration for Rise as an album? What was the guiding narrative for you when producing all of the tracks?
Lane 8: There are so many inspirations, but above all I feel inspired by my peers - and music that I love to listen to at home or play in my DJ sets is my biggest inspiration. Take "Klara" for example, that track is directly inspired by one of my all time favorite tracks by Joris Voorn, "Ringo". There are small influences all over the album, and I can pick out little elements of each track and tell you exactly where that inspiration came from, but that would take quite awhile to do for an entire LP!
OTB: For the most part, the tracks on Rise have a beautiful melodic tone to them. What draws you to producing more somber tracks compared to high energy dance tracks?
Lane 8: I definitely had my days where I loved big room music, especially trance in the 2000s, but as it always goes, I moved on to different styles and at the moment I'm in a more relaxed mood - although I'd say my music has become more and more intense and energetic since I started the project. I always wanted my music to be versatile and to be enjoyable both in and outside of the club.
OTB: How has the response to Rise been?
Lane 8: It's been amazing - to be honest I was pretty nervous to put out an album, not having that many releases under my belt and maybe not such a huge profile compared to most artists who are putting out their first album. I was worried that lots of the tracks wouldn't get as much love as they deserved, but I have been proven totally wrong - I'm getting so many nice words, both online and at shows, from people really connecting with the music which is simply amazing.
OTB: What is harder for you? Coming up with the instrumentals for the track or finding lyrics to accompany them?
Lane 8: Lyrics are definitely the trickier part - as someone who has been making tracks since I was 12, I have a decent grasp on that process and feel pretty comfortable with it. Lyrics, on the other hand, are much more delicate and require a great deal of energy and inspiration to get right. So far I've only come up with lyrics for one song that I felt confident in, at least enough to release. That's "Hot As You Want".
OTB: What is the greatest impact touring with other Anjuna artists has had on you personally and your music?
Lane 8: I think more than anything it's taught me how much it matters to have lineups that make sense and fit organically to make a successful event. As anyone who has been to an Anjuna event knows, there is a certain feeling in the air at Anjuna shows that is very difficult to capture if the lineup is more random or simply left up to the promoter. It's made me reassess my own tours and I'm now working more closely with promoters to hand select supports wherever I can.
OTB: If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be and why?
Lane 8: James Murphy is my favorite lyricist and I'd love to pick his brain and try to redirect some of his magic towards myself!
OTB: How is the preparation for the North America and Australian tour coming? What can we expect to hear during this tour compared to previous tours?
Lane 8: It's going well - have been working hard in the studio making sure I have a lot of new exciting music to play - I'm really excited for this album tour as I feel I have more Lane 8 music to play for people than ever before - and I'm just very excited to see how people respond.
OTB: What are your plans for the future of Lane 8? Any exciting things in the works?
Lane 8: I have a few really exciting remixes being finalized for release this year - one for my buds Solomon Grey, and another for Maribou State, who in my opinion had the best album so far this year. I'm very excited to get both of those out there as they have been getting a big response on tour thus far!

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