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INTERVIEW: Newbie Nerdz and The One EP

Newbie Nerdz 'The One' EP has just landed on the well respected Altus Project imprint, packed with a double helping of remixes from Jey Kurmis and Stefano Esposito. We caught up with the boys to get a deeper look inside the minds the of 'The One'...

OTB: Tell us a bit about how you two began your journey into the electronic music scene. Have you always worked as a duo and what were you doing before you two met?

Newbie Nerdz: We met during the summer of 2010. Both of us came to London to try a new experience abroad and improve our english, we started to work in the same restaurant and thats how story began.

D: My Dad got lot of music that he played to me, thanks to him I’ve been a music lover forever. My Nerdz side took me into computer music and technology, before as Digital Jockey (cdjs and mixers were too expansive) than producer.

A: Before I met Dario I was always into the music, my father had a Radio in my city and was a real music lover and since I was 8 I used to play keyboard and guitar, but my first professional project as the producer was and it is Newbie Nerdz.

OTB: Your latest EP The One is set for release on Altus Project at the start of August. How does this release differ from your older work and what did you set out to achieve with the track?

Newbie Nerdz: With this release we were looking for something more club friendly, that djs can play out in the clubs and will work well on the dance floor. The only thing we wanted to achieve with this track was to make people dance with great beats. Soon other tracks will come out thats are more for the radio, this one is something for crazy summer party in tech atmosphere.

OTB: Jey Kurmis and Stefano Esposito smashed the remixes, why did you decide to get these guys onboard?

Newbie Nerdz: We’re Jey’s fan but we don’t know him personally (we’re meeting him soon :P), He’s a close friend with Lee and we’re happy to have him onboard. Stefano came up naturally, he is like a brother, he found his style and we like it a lot. We’ve been working in the same studio recently, we’re sharing a lot of ideas and advice.

OTB: What pulled you towards releasing on the Altus Project label?

Newbie Nerdz: We met Lee before our debut in Manchester back in 2012. We’ve been in contact over the years, we did a remix for him on Nervous records and he remixed Fractales (our alias with Moonwalk) and we’re pretty sure Altus Project is a right choice!

OTB: You are set to play down in Brighton for the Altus Project night as well as up in Manchester. What are you expecting from the night, have you played an Altus Project show before and what can we expect from your set?

Newbie Nerdz: We don’t know what to expect, for sure Manchester and Brighton are cities with great music taste and big crowd, so we are ready and we can’t wait to do it with a few newbie surprises but of course we cannot say nothing we just can’t wait to do it.

OTB: Working as a duo, do you feel having two creative minds is more beneficial, or can it be a problem sometimes?

Newbie Nerdz: We think is more beneficial, having two of us we're always full of ideas and we are inspiring each other, even if Alex is living far from Dario he can always count on him also because we are more friends then partners.

OTB: How do you tackle a live performance, do you simply go b2b or do you take on different roles throughout?

Newbie Nerdz: We actually play a sort of B2B live with 2 Macs iPad and midi controllers, we are having more pleasure from playing this way and our sets are always different.

OTB: Where else are you set to play this summer, do you have any standout gigs you are especially hyped for?

Newbie Nerdz: We played already in July in London and Birmingham, next will be Manchester, Brighton and Ibiza at Sankeys, we are always excited to play, doesn’t matter if is a small city or a big venue there is always hype and excitement for.

OTB: Do you take on any special/strange rituals before playing live?

Newbie Nerdz: We have a special ritual before we play, we put a candle and pray to the God of the party… Joking!  Just trying to be focus on the party and have fun with the crowd.

OTB: Looking ahead, what do you have lined up releases wise, can expect more of the sound we know from you, or will you be experimenting with a slightly different sound?

Newbie Nerdz: We already talked about “The One Ep” on Altus project, we are also waiting for a couple of remixes, one for the legend Romanthony that is coming out mid of August, and a remix also on Lower East, a collab with Timo Garcia also coming out in August and another Ep more for radio on Get Twisted Records, we just signed the contract, plus we are working on other important collab but we are not going to say nothing more for now.

We are always trying to develop our sound, we believe in evolution of the music.

OTB: Where would you like to see Newbie Nerdz this time next year, what is the main goal?

Newbie Nerdz: One of my main goal is hit the first place UK with an original track and play in a couple of really important festivals.

We’re working hard every day to improve ourself and our sound.

Newbie Nerdz new EP ‘The One’ is out now on Altus Project - Buy it here -