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INTERVIEW: 2UP Brings the Mexico Flavor

Saturday, August 22, 2015

With his recent collaboration alongside Velika landing on Sounds Of Earth, Mexican producer 2UP dropped by OTB to open up about himself as an artist and the brand new Many Colors EP...

OTB: So how has the summer been so far? Many highlights?

2UP: Right now is going very well, playing a lot on July and this August is coming along nice also, with a couple of  gigs out side Mexico and many more around the country.

OTB: How do you look back on your early years as a raver? How have your tastes changed since then?

2UP: Before I liked  more pumping and faster stuff, now my taste for music has changed  for something deeper and with more feeling, with a nice drive and more melody inside more music; also not so fast so I can listen to the groove.

OTB: So what sort of music did you grow up with then? And when did you become interested in house music?

2UP: All my life I have been listening to different kinds of music, from rock, to electronic music, reggae, I'm fan of the 80s music. So I started with electronic when I was a teenager, went to some parties, got in love with the music and of the dance floor, so thats when I hooked up with progressive house music.

OTB: Was there one moment where you realized this is what you wanted to do then?

2UP: Yes I went to so many events and listened to so many DJs and artists, that every time when I was staring on the dance floor dancing to the music I saw myself playing on the stage, so I think I always knew I was going to be  part of the movement.

OTB: So how did you learn to make music? Did you take classes? Or just through trial and error on your laptop?

2UP: I come from a musicians family, I never studied music I have always been autodidact , even now after many years  producing music, I'm still learning a lot everyday. I think you never stop learning.

OTB: How long did it take until you got to a stage where you were pretty assured with your sound?

2UP: It took me around 3 years to start to make my own sound and begin to create a decent quality of production.

OTB: What other challenges are you faced with at the moment from a music point of view?

2UP: I think now music business has developed so much that theres a lot of work to do and always tried to make something fresh with your own sound.

OTB: When was the last time you heard a track that was really stunningly produced? What made it stick out for you?

2UP: Last week I heard a track that blowed my mind away, I even can touch the sound it was so well produced that iI get so excited.

OTB: From that point of view, which track of yours was the biggest challenge to put together?

2UP: I think a lot of my tracks , they have been made with a lot of effort and in the same time with a lot of enthusiasm, I think the biggest challenge was "Negra Linda".

OTB: And when you’re coming up with a new track, what do you start on? The samples? The bassline? How does that all work for you?

2UP: It is always different, it depends on my mood and the idea in my mind. Sometimes I start with the melody, sometimes with the kick and bass to start with the drive, sometimes only with the kick.

OTB: So can you explain the latest release to us a bit then? What was the vibe you were going for with it?

2UP: This new EP I made with my bro Velika, we wanted to make something deep and full of music and emotion. I think this EP has different styles of music, it also includes the remix from Vazik, its  a good one, we are excited to release it and share it with the people. We went from deep house to progressive house. We are really happy to release it on Sounds of Earth.

OTB: What do you see as the future of your productions? Would you ever make music that’s not house and techno?

2UP: Yes actually I produced a couple of more experimental tracks, I made and album with Size Yantra (Ruben Albarran) one of the biggest rock singers in Mexico. I also made some audio design and audio beds for and internet radio station, made original music for a short film. In the past I made the music for a circus performance .

OTB: And what else have you coming up that you’d like to shout about?

2UP: Lately I have been working with Vazik in a new protect called UV, we are making lots of music and there are some cool releases on different labels coming around the globe.  Besides UV I'm working on my first 2UP album, it will be finished in the beginning of 2016, I'm working on different styles from nu disco , deep house, tech house and techno.

Many Colors is out now on Sounds Of Earth, pick up a copy here