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INTERVIEW: Alan Prosser on Big Moments, Favorite Tracks

Saturday, August 29, 2015

British producer/DJ Alan Prosser caught up with the OTB team as we find out more about his most memorable experiences within the scene, his background and upcoming releases...

OTB: I want to start by asking about your 69 Street releases. Can you tell us a bit about it?

AP: Yeah sure well I received a message on Facebook from Neil Daruwala, the label owner, saying that he loved my latest record, “Ripping up Trees” and could I write something like that for his label? After having a chat with Neil on the phone in Barcelona, I felt that his ethos about music was the same as mine and the direction in where the label was heading was great, so I said yes of course I will, and wrote him a track. The tracks called “And Then There Was One” and it’s coming out soon along with a great remix form Neil himself.

The track itself is quite melodic with dark sounds and drums, but the synth lines and the arpeggiator add some melody in with the stabby vocals and a great big build, its defiantly a club record and has to be played loud.

OTB: Where do your influences come from? Was electronic music prominent when you were growing up?

AP: All over really from early 80’s electro, hip hop and acid house, 90’s old school rave, German techno and UK house right up to tech and deep house and techno. All we listened to was electronic music in some form or another.

OTB: What else do you listen to in your spare time?

AP: I listen to loads of different music from Rock to Drum and Bass. If it’s good and solid I like it.

OTB: So tell me about your sound. How would you describe it best?

AP: I would say my sound is pretty unique, I try not to follow the current trends and make my music fit, I just do what comes out, but if I had to pigeon hole it, it would probably be 120 -124 bpm tech/deep house fusion between uplifting percussion, melodic chords  and deep dark bass lines.

OTB: What’s been your biggest moment in electronic music to date?

AP: Probably playing a whole set of my own tracks at Gatecrasher in Melbourne to the main room.

OTB: What’s your ultimate goal as a DJ and producer?

AP: I think they both go hand in hand nowadays; you very rarely get a DJ that is big if they don’t produce records also. I’d really just love to have people like my sound, that’s all I’ve ever wanted really.

OTB: Do you prefer one to the other? Why?

AP: They are both very different, I love producing because I’m locked in the studio on my own and left to get on with it, but DJing is also cool, there is nothing like playing one of your tacks and seeing the crowd going nuts, that’s so cool!

OTB: What modern DJs and producers do you look up to? Who or what influences your sound the most?

AP: I have a lot of respect for the DJs and producers that haven’t changed their sound over the years. You know the ones that play techno and that’s what they play even if deep house is cool at the moment. People like Carl Craig, John Digweed, Marco Carola, Sasha etc, all stuck to their sound and are top of their game.

OTB: Is there anyone you aspire to be like in that regard?

AP: Yeah the guys in the last question are the game changers for me. The ones you go and hear and you don’t know any of the tunes but they are all awesome tracks.

OTB: Can you tell me a bit about how the track was constructed? What did you use?

AP: Yeah I use a Cubase 7 to write the track, along with a host of synth plug-ins and effects. Some lexicon out board reverb/delay and a TL Audio valve compressor for the drum tracks. Bass is usually plug-in synths or a Kontakt Sample; they all come out of an Echo 8 track soundcard and in to a Mackie Desk. The analogue hardware comes through the desk. Also I have a waldorf and a virus that make the dark pad sounds and main sounds.

OTB: What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing up and coming DJs and producers in this day and age?

AP: I guess it’s getting people to hear your music through the noise. There are so many tracks being released, that I guess the only way to be heard is to keep doing what you do. I really do believe that if you are a good honest person and you try hard doing your own thing, then things will happen for you. Just be nice to everyone and try and help people too, that helps a lot.

OTB: How’s your summer been so far? And is the best yet to come from you?

AP: Yeah it’s been good, I’ve been away chilling in St Lucia for a week. I’ve had a couple of tracks out already this summer on Cutting records. I have a track coming out on a great new techno label called Layer 909 and we have the BIG track, And Then There Was One on 69 Street coming out soon and I’m off to Ibiza in September, so it’s all good.

Alan's latest instalment 'And Then There Was One' lands on 69 Street Records 5th September.