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INTERVIEW: Deeplastik Speaks to New EP and Adventures

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The head of the Dichotomic imprint Deeplastik calls by Only The Beat ahead of the monster release CrossRoad, giving us a deeper insight into the EP and whats to come for both the label and himself.

OTB: I want to start by asking about the latest Dichotomic release. What’s the thinking behind it all?Is it a fairly typical representation of your recent work would you say?

Deeplastik: Hi, I think it's a song where harmony is more important, if I compare it with previous works.

OTB: So tell me about your sound. How would you describe it best?

Deeplastik: Probably my alias/avatar name Deeplastik, is the best way to describe it. Precisely tries to describe the sound that I  try to achive . The name summarizes the sound I’m trying to achieve for this type of music Plastic, in relation to the variability/plasticity of styles which I enjoy (from ambient to techno), and the word "Deep", as common character of all the productions that I do.

OTB: You used to be involved in the breaks scene I read. What’s the most important thing that you took from that scene?

Deeplastik: The live shows as guitarist of Sigma7, in the 90s.

OTB: Are the house and breaks scene inherently different? Or are they pretty much the same?

Deeplastik: Both styles have the same intention: Make people enjoy dancing. Perhaps they are differentiated by the atmosphere that each style generates in its parties. Luckily I’ve been able to enjoy both atmospheres.

OTB: Do you think DJs and producers should have a political agenda? Do you think they’re too afraid to speak out on important matters these days?

Deeplastik: I think that the most of them try to speak cautiously about topics not related to his profession. A political, religious opinion, badly explained or badly understood, can affect a lot your career... We have had recent examples of great impact in the networks. I do not believe that is fear, but more a matter of being cautious.

OTB:  Has modern dance music become too commercial or do you reckon the underground still exists?

Deeplastik: Exists? The "underground" is what keeps alive the scene of modern dance music... Commercial, it is only what arrives to the masses for some years, and then disappears. I think that each style of dance music has a commercial side, and an "underground" side , which makes  it evolve.

OTB: What modern DJs and producers do you look up to? Who or what influences your sound the most?

Deeplastik: There are many, with very different styles: Martin Buttrich, Jose de Divina, John Digweed, Simos Tagias, Adam Touch, Lemongrass, Nick Curly, Max Cooper…

OTB: Is there anyone you aspire to be like in that regard?

Deeplastik: Yes, but not for its fame or influence in the electronic music scene, but for the own sound that they have achieved to develop. As a producer I aspire to have a sound as personal as that of Martin Buttrich or Max Cooper.

OTB: So where are your favourite places to go clubbing these days?

Deeplastik: One that has surprised more in the last years is DC10 in New Year's Eve. Although I still enjoy in the big clubs, I prefer with the private parties for 200-300 persons.

OTB: If you could be one other DJ, who would you be and why?

Deeplastik: Jose de Divina, his sessions have a unique groove, regardless of the music style that he plays.

OTB: And if you could have produced any other album, what would it be and why?

Deeplastik: The Single Belfast (Orbital)...a masterpiece that marked my youth, and that I associate with good memories.

The Album 2002: Airdrawndagger (Sasha). With that LP I discovered that a master, inside a music style like progressive or house, could compose a breakbeat and ambient masterpiece in the same LP. A lesson of modern music that opened my mind.

OTB: With the latest Dichotomic release, why did you go about choosing the remixers that you did?

Deeplastik: "Crossroad" was the first of my productions , that my friend-master JMekka aka SICHI, didn't let me publish in my label AMHRecords. He just said to me: "forget it, this one is going to be released in our new Label, and I want to remix it". I even remember 10 seconds of argument.

OTB: What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing up and coming DJs and producers in this day and age?

Deeplastik: I think that the challenge is always the same: achieve your own sound that identifies you between the hundreds of high-level producers that exist... and the second thing and more difficult... to maintain a high level of creativity.

OTB: Do you think it’s important that respected DJs and producers put back into the scene?

Deeplastik: I think that there is an important number of veteran djs that will always be highly respected and admired... They have gained it fully (J. Digweed, Richie, Carl, Sasha, Nick Warren...) The rest, still have to earn it.

OTB: Are you full-time in music then? Or what else takes up a lot of your time?

Deeplastik: Apart of producing music I work as doctor (like a GP), to whom I owe the possibility of not depending on the music to live, and being able to be free at the moment of producing. The development of the NPO Armony and everything around it, is what more time occupies me. And of course, The first steps of Dichotomic.

OTB: What’s next for you that we can look forward to?

Deeplastik: No idea... that's the good thing of this, I will continue investigating and discovering trends. In relation with musical projects.

I'm very excited with the starts of the label Dichotomic, manage to contribute a recognizable sound, in the electronic music scene, that nowadays is immense.

In the personal level, I'm very focused in my next LP "Static", where I come back to chill-out, ambient, trip-hop and my guitar...

CrossRoad is out September 1st...