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Behind the Beat with REZZ

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Alex Blake

Before a set on above Brooklyn's legendary Output club, I was able to catch up with rising star REZZ. Already having her tracks featured on the likes of mau5trap and her EP debuted by Skrillex's OWLSA. At the age of 20, she has already shared the stage at Montreal's Stereo with deadmau5 himself and transformed herself from the fan on the other side of the barrier to the DJ and Producer on stage, playing HARD's Day of the Dead in LA later this year. REZZ's sound is without a doubt dark and industrial, brooding in a sense that very much makes the "female gesaffelstein" description apt. Joining her for this day-time rooftop party was Brooklyn's own Devon James and OWSLA's mija, all of whom made me feel my decision to wander over to a rooftop party with top notch talent rather than the festival down the street was without a doubt the right decision. Check out what REZZ had to say before her first New York City show below:     [OTB]: I have to admit, you made BitStrips relevant again (for me at least). What drew you (hah, puns) to BitStrips as the primary way to represent “REZZ?” [REZZ]: The character I made in bitstrips looked way too identical to me. I had to use it for something ! Also I hate taking selfies, so this is a great temporary way to avoid updating people on my physical appearance. MUSIC FIRST FAM ! [OTB]: You seem passionate about always making your music available for free, though I’ve spoken to a lot of people in the industry that don’t believe this is a sustainable practice and it will actually hurt artists in the long run by not being able to pay them for their work. Many are even critical of the lower royalty rates streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music pay to artists. As a new artist who is currently developing their career, what is your take on streaming music services and the ability of artists to make a living while giving away their work free? [REZZ]: I think I'm still very young and inexperienced to fully have an opinion on it. I personally have enjoyed giving a lot of my music away for free because i'd rather just have the song out as opposed to waiting on labels, etc. The way i see it is.. I just want people to hear my music & I want them to know that when they see me live, they'll be hearing a lot of that music. [OTB]: I read that you had been dabbling in psychology studies prior to throwing yourself whole heartedly into music. Have you picked up any insights from your psychology studies that have helped you in your music career? [REZZ]: I can almost entirely give psychology credit for the success I see today. it made me continue to push even when times got tough. It taught me to choose who I hang out with wisely, and if there are no positive influences around me then it'd be best I just be alone and focus on my work. It taught me to never be jealous and instead feel inspired by those excelling. It has taught me an endless amount of  useful information and I believe i'll take this mindset with me till the end of time. [OTB]: What makes a tck or artist “underground” for you? It seems like a term thrown around to give something credibility now of days. [REZZ]: I think what makes a track "underground" is when it's recognizably unique and hard to categorize. I consider my work very underground & i really dig that. [OTB]: You’ve said that the music you make “may be perceived as emotionless” but that you’re connected “at a very deep level.” What does your music mean to you? What images does it conjure up in your head when you listen to it?   [caption id="attachment_35160" align="aligncenter" width="768"]11986559_907130219365965_7641855453648610956_n REZZ and mija at Output[/caption]   [REZZ]: I think nowadays my music has had more emotion to it. I've always been connected to the rhythms & vibes but now that i've been incorporating more melody/structure, it feels more like music. When I listen to my music I visualize A LOT of different things; alleyways..weird psychedelic patterns, flashbacks to when i was a kid, etc. I'm inspired by so much outside from music. [OTB]: You’ve been in talks with some of Dubstep's heaviest hitters, like Flux Pavilion and Excision, along with Mat Zo, who appreciates the movie score like quality of your productions. Knowing that you draw some inspiration from Gesaffelstein (who recently himself scored the French film originally titled “Maryland,” now titled “Disorder,”) would you ever want to produce a whole score? What genre of film would you want to work with? [REZZ]: oh 100%. When I'm like, older and more chill I totally want to produce a film score. It'd have to be some sort of intense action movie or something. Perhaps even a horror movie. That would be WIICKKEDDDD. [OTB]: If you could have absolutely any location or setting to have someone experience your music, where would it be? [REZZ]: WELL, there are a few places, but i'll keep this PG and say that a festival or club would be best. [OTB]: You’ll have lots of opportunities to play to different audiences in different locations on your first upcoming tour, coming to both my current home of NYC and my former home of Houston. Do you have something you want to do or try in EVERY city? Like a food or something? I have to say…Torchy’s Tacos in Houston is worth it if you’re a weird taco fan…. [REZZ]: There isn't something in particular to be honest. I'm considering buying a new hat or shirt in each city i visit though. We'll see if i actually follow through with it. [OTB]: How did you end up with mija at your stop at Output in New York City? I know you’re both closely associated with Sonny (because I expect I’d be made fun of if I referred to him as Skrillex), but were you aware of each other before that? [REZZ]: Mija and I have the same booking agent. His name is cody. We love him. I'll be on a LOT of shows with that girl and it's all thanks to him. Mija and I did know each other a little bit before I met Skrillex. We were just Facebook friends. [OTB]: I’d kill for a REZZ x mija collab, just sayin’. Do you have a dream collaborator at the moment, even if it’s someone off the wall, alive or dead, etc. [REZZ]: Easy. My dream collab would be deadmau5 or Gesaffelstein. [caption id="attachment_35156" align="aligncenter" width="778"]output-williamsburg-brooklyn-rooftop-party Output's Rooftop[/caption]   [OTB]: I noticed you’ve said in the past that you’re picky with the music you like. Me too. So much so that I find myself looping albums, mixes, and tracks for repeat for days on end (and before prevalent internet access, weeks and months on end). Do you have any go-to albums when you’re internet-less that you can listen to at any time and be satisfied? [REZZ]: To be honest, I barely find myself listening to much music on my own time - Would rather be creating it. However.. I do enjoy listening to anything from deadmau5 - more so his old stuff. I also love listening to anything by Gesaffelstein or Justice. [OTB]: What’re the last 5 tracks played on your iPod (or Zune or whatever, God forbid)? [REZZ]:   rezz - ID   rezz - ID   rezz - ID   rezz - ID   rezz - ID   ;)   [OTB]: Fair enough! We're looking forward to hearing those ID's :P You’ve said in the past that your mom is a big fan of your music, but she’ll be quick to tell you if she’s not a fan of a track. Have you ever had a track you loved but your mom didn’t? Did you still finish it and end up playing it out? [REZZ]: absolutely. I love lucifer and she hates it. I love contorted and she hates it. I most certainly still play out these songs. I don't ever crowd source my creativity. If I dig it, thats all i need.

Check out a REZZ mix below!

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