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Andrea Frisina on His Label, 90s Dance Culture

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Head of Gate Null Recordings Andrea Frisina calls by Only The Beat to run through the history of the label, his present upcoming releases and more.

OTB: Hey Andrea, great to meet you! How are things in life right now for you?

Andrea Frisina: Hello guys, nice to meet you ! All great, thanks. When the career goes well also the life reflects it :)

OTB: How influential have your surroundings been on your musical taste?

Andrea Frisina: I was born with the ’90 dance music, when I was a child this is what I listened, just to name a track “Robert Miles - Children”. Then I studied electronic music at the Conservatory, I mean what somebody uses to define “cultured”: Pierre Schaeffer, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, G.M. koenig, Bruno Maderna, Max Mathews, Wendy Carlos, B. Herrmann, etc.

This is what has been more influential for my taste and maybe also for my way to arrange, but also other genres are part of my influences, I think it’s enough perceptible in my works.

OTB: So how would you describe your current sound?

Andrea Frisina: Today I’m strictly Techno, I compose my tracks giving to them a dark feeling and an impressive atmosphere, but at the same time they are made to let the people dance and they have an huge impact on the floor. Somebody says about my latest tracks that they are featured by “a range of spine-tingling chord progressions and a breakdown that’d really go down a treat on dancefloors… Full of poise, attitude and guile, this is a fine example of how to do techno with meaning” [cit.]

OTB: What equipment do you use to make most of your music?

Andrea Frisina: I arrange actually all my stuff with Ableton Live, I say actually because some years ago my DAW was Cubase since I degreed with it, but I found Live more practical for a lot of matters so I switched.

I use hundreds plug-ins, hardwares (such us a Korg Radias, Access Virus TI2, Novation Mininova, Arturia MicroBrute, etc.) and O.B. (“outboards”), my own samples, some cool library and sounds I sample from the ambience sometimes.


OTB: When was the last time you were stopped in your tracks by a record, DJ set or party and can you explain what or who it was and why you liked it so much?

Andrea Frisina: There a some producer such as Spektre, Stephan Hinz, Lowkey & Kardinal I like so much, but when I’m on my tracks I’m lost only in my world, so it’s difficult I can be stopped by something or somebody, not even the hunger can stop me :)

OTB: Who or what have been some of the key inspirations for you over the years and have they remained constant or changed?

Andrea Frisina: Of course we are human, so the inspirations can’t be always the same, also your daily feelings can change it. For sure the good things of my life, my lady, my dogs, my family are positive vibes, moreover to see the followers liking my stuff is a strong support for me.

OTB: If you could own one track no other DJ could ever play, what would it be and why?

Andrea Frisina: It’s “Doch” coming from Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt, but I’m not the only one who plays this :)

OTB: So tell us more about your newest release? What was your thinking behind the track and how did you go about making it in terms of your method in doing things?

Andrea Frisina: Yes, I’m proud to introduce “Landing On Enceladus”, which is the second part of a trilogy started with “Wild Prairie”. I think that huge is the whole concept of the track: the groove, the kick and bass line, the textures, the dark synths and my classic breakdowns that “offer that much-needed rest bite before being lulled into clinical rises” [cit].

I started to build this track from the groove, I think so pumping and eclectic, then I added some classic sounds of mine (percussions, textures, synthetic sounds, etc.), so I created the whole beat. Then I went with my classic breakdowns, this is the part I love more to arrange, it’s a game of melodies of pads, fm bass synths, stabs, in a complete harmony, enhanced by another game of cymbals, snares and effects in a “crescendo”: this is a climax for my ears and I think also for the crowd’s ears. 

OTB: What’s been your favourite memory to date at Gate Null?

Andrea Frisina: There are several great memories, just to name a few: The #01 on Beatport Techno for a so long time (the track was my “Save The Nature”); Deadmau5 spinning everywhere “Lluis Ribalta - Belial”, the sold-out at Off Week 2013 in Barcelona; our annual event at ADE, last year full of industry and with a super hot crowd; Carl Cox, Chris Liebing and many other big acts introducing our stuff during their shows, the BBC Radio 1 playing my latest release, some of our tours with our label night in Central America area; some of our label nights at Guacara Taina (an huge club in a natural cave) in Santo Domingo (thanks Carlos, you’ll be always in our hearts !); etc…

OTB: What does 2015 have in store for you? An album maybe? Or big tour schedule?

Andrea Frisina: Oh yes, it will be an huge season ! On September 14th, as you know, “Landing On Enceladus” will be out, I really love this track of mine, so I really hope and think to achieve a good success with this. Then on October 15th there’s gonna be our annual at ADE, exactly at Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse in Amsterdam, it’s gonna be an huge production, if you’re planning to assist at ADE, you’ll be welcome ! Then at the end of October there will be the EP that will be the 3rd part of the trilogy, it’s an very massive work, don’t miss it ! I think to close the year remixing a track of one of our upcoming artists on Gate Null and then on early 2016 there will be my album release ;) Ah I can’t forget that my “Wild Prairie” will be also included by Toolroom Records in the compilation “Ibiza 2015 Closing Party” and a world tour is working in progress.

Landing On Enceladus comes our way September 14th.