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INTERVIEW: British Duo Vibe Killers Rocks the 'Kave Rave'

Friday, September 11, 2015

British duo Vibe Killers take some time out of their busy schedule to give us an inside look into this newly formed project, label and each others history. With their brand new EP 'Kave Rave' dropping earlier this month these guys are sure one to keep an eye on. OTB: How are you guys getting on? Vibe Killers: Have you had a nice summer so far and what have been the highlights? Hi pal, yes all good thanks. All we’ve done is make music this Summer! Been good though mate. OTB: What’s the scene at home like then? Does it continue to inspire you like it always has? Vibe Killers: Burnley used to be home to a decent club called Angels back in the day – Carl Cox used to play there believe it or not. It shut down in the 90s just as we started going out so we just missed it. Another decent club opened called Fusion ran by a couple of my mates, we had some mint nights in there – Pete Tong has been up to play. Unfortunately that shut down too :( since then theres been bits and bats of events and stuff and more recently some decent festivals too. OTB: So if we had a weekend to go clubbing in the UK, where would you recommend we go? Vibe Killers: All our clubbing days have been Manchester, it was ace back when we were growing up being able to get a taxi to sankeys for a big one, seen some mint Djs play there like Dubfire, DJ Sneak, Carl Cox etc – been lucky enough to play there too quite a few times. OTB: Did you guys have any defining nights out when you were younger that were really influential for you? Vibe Killers: Id say seeing carl cox pack out sankeys completely was fair inspiring for me. Also being able to play an all vinyl set in the famous basement a few years back was a dream come true! OTB: Growing up as brothers, how did you influence one another’s tastes? Vibe Killers: Id say we’ve been into the same music since our mum bought us some old belt drive turntables about 17 years ago, so we haven’t really influenced each other. OTB: And what were your early raving days like together? Vibe Killers: Great memories I’m guessing? Buzzing mate. From the 90s raving in the technodrome at helter skelter (cringe) to sankeys, warehouse project etc – been really good. OTB: Do you remember the first time you went out together? Vibe Killers: What was it like? Got pissed, spent taxi money, walked home. OTB: What’s been your favourite gig to date as a duo? Vibe Killers: We played a mad Monday night gig a couple of nights back thanks to arun verone getting the booking for us, jey kurmis headlined. place was rammed! We finished, drove home then I was at work 9am thinking wtf, did that just happen? OTB: So who does what in the studio? And do you always play back-to-back with one another when DJing? Vibe Killers: I'd say Mickey is more technical and he has all the kit, and I tend to come up with the kind of sound were after. And yeah 1 track each b2b. OTB: Have you ever held a residency? How have you residencies impacted you as a DJ? Vibe Killers: We didn’t have a residency, but back in the glory days me and a good friend AJ Christou used to do a bit of promoting / ticket selling for Sankeys so we usually ended up playing there once a month. Had some mint nights. OTB: How would you say your music has changed with the years? Vibe Killers: What influenced this change more than anything else? Well we’ve always played / released music as ‘Horsey Brothers’ which was more house orientated. We love the scene and are still active, but last summer we had a new ‘alter ego’ as Vibe Killers – which is more tougher, techy stuff in our opinion. OTB: So tell us a bit about the latest label release – what’s the vibe with it and how did it come about? Vibe Killers: Well the lead track Kave Rave is like peak time stuff, with the b side being more trippy in our opinion. We just go into the studio and see what happens. We had quite a few finished tracks done and its really hard nowadays getting labels to listen – so we just started releasing ourselves hoping that the ‘names’ in the scene will play our stuff OTB: How happy were you with the end product and can you describe your thinking behind the tracks? Vibe Killers: Was the finished product just like you imagined it’d be? Really happy with both, kave rave sounds insane when the volume is pumped up loud, and the b side works really well too. OTB: How do you stay motivated musically? What’s influencing you a lot these days? Vibe Killers: We run 3 labels at the moment, so theres always something going on, checking demos, sorting out contracts, sorting out promo runs etc so were definitely motivated and always listening to new stuff. The demos we get sent motivate us to make more music. OTB: What do you think the best thing is about the modern day house music scene? And the worst? Vibe Killers: The best thing is some of the parties out there at the moment are mind blowing, Elrow looks insane! The worst – all this EDM nonsense. OTB: What’s next for you two? Vibe Killers: We have an EP coming out on Celesta Recordings soon with a sick remix, were in talks with another big label about getting one of our tracks on their compilation then we’ve 2 decent gigs coming up – Audiowhore at mint warehouse in November and were playing Cheshire Garden Party at halloween too – love it there its such a buzzin party. You can pick up a copy of 'Kave Rave' here.