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INTERVIEW: Michael Clifford Keeps It Simple & Beautiful

Friday, September 11, 2015

Following on from his stunning EP which landed on eMBI Music earlier this month, Michael Clifford chats to Only The Beat as we delve deeper into the deep house guru. OTB: How is it you first became involved within electronic music? Michael Clifford: Music got me involved from the tender age of 8 years and I have never ceased to admire it. OTB: Your upcoming EP 'Deepolog' is out now on eMBI. How did your relationship with the label begin and why do you think your music is suited towards this imprint? Michael Clifford: The EMBI music is a label I've always admired for music proposal and especially for the friendship that binds me with Daniel. Daniele appreciated immediately from the first listen the two tracks that I have proposed we have very similar tastes of deep house. That is why I chose EMBI and hope to produce other new ideas for this increasingly growing label. OTB: What is it you set out to achieve with these two original tracks, how do you want it to make people feel? Michael Clifford: The most important thing for me  is that you dance and you listen to the tracks without any trouble. OTB: The release also comes packaged with a double helping of remixes from Daniele Casa and Marco Cassanelli. What do you think made it right for these two to be handed the controls? Michael Clifford: I asked them the remix because I was sure that they would use great technique deliver from the heart for this ep. OTB: Alongside this release what do you have in store for us over the coming months, what can we expect to see from your sound and how do you think it will develop in the near future? Michael Clifford: The beauty of electronic music is that is merges so much with other genres of classical music, so my next project will have a stamp of jazz on it. OTB: Have you had the chance to road test the two original pieces from this EP? What has the reaction been like and is there one track that really goes off more so than the other? Michael Clifford: I have read through the feedback of international DJs who have check out the track. The two tunes travel in parallel, my favourite is deepology, it shows very well my love of deep house. OTB: Keeping on the topic of live shows, how has you summer been regarding gigs? Any 'pinch yourself' moments? Michael Clifford: In July I was over in Italy where I got to see James Blake - it was beautiful, a very original musical concept and highly addictive. OTB: Where would be your number one venue be in the world to play at? Michael Clifford: I had the pleasure of playing in Germany, Robert johnson (Frankfurt) and Club der Visionaire (Berlin)   and I can tell you that the German public has underground music running through their blood! OTB: Looking back who has been your biggest inspiration for the music you make, and who would be your dream collaboration and why? Michael Clifford: Just like heaven on Lawrence (Smallville records) is a track that I personally call a deep house trip then no doubt he would leave the control of a remix. OTB: Where would you like to see yourself in a years time, is there a major goal that really stands out above the rest? Michael Clifford: I am a person who likes things simple so I want to keep doing the things that give me emotion. The 'Deepolog' EP is out now on eMBI Music.