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5 questions with Arno Cost!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

1. You are evolving your When In Paris concept (currently a radioshow and event series). Not many artists decide to create own brands or having own musical concept. Do you think this is the right/better way to build a career instead of constantly relying on other firms like labels, etc? I think it really depends on the artists himself. Some artists have build a great career together with major labels or similar firms. Though personally I think that there is more possible by building an own brand and not being dependant on different other companies. This doesn’t mean that we will not work with major labels, or other parties, it’s just a different way of working. Working on an own brand allows us to direct better how we would like to build my career and this gives us more control on what needs to happen with my content. arno cost when in paris 2. The first When In Paris event took place on September 4th in Paris. Second one is already confirmed with Melkweg in Amsterdam during ADE. How important it was to you to start in your home city? It was quite important as I feel that an artist’s hometown is the first base. In my case I started building my fanbase in Paris, and it was the first city that supported my music, and where I got big. Kicking off this new project in my hometown makes sense, and is also a gesture to my Parisian fans and friends. 3. Let's touch the Amsterdam Dance Event and Melkweg subjects. You'll be joining Nicky Romero to fill the venue with party people as Nicky will be hosting his Protocol in Room 1 and you When In Paris in Room 2. Tell us more where the idea came from as it looks like a perfect way to debut own concept in The Netherlands. Both Nicky and Protocol have been really supportive about my new concept. When it became clear Protocol was doing their traditional ADE party in the Melkweg, they offered me to use the second room for my When In Paris concept. As the concept is more about house and groovy music, it’s perfect to create a balance during the night, and not program two rooms with the same music style. I’m very happy that I’m able to launch When In Paris in the Netherlands! 4. What will be your next steps in regards to When In Paris? We are thinking of bringing the event concept to other cities in France, but also in other countries as Italy and Spain. There is some interest in the concept there, so that’s really cool :). Beside that we are also thinking about launching When In Paris as a label. More information about this will follow soon! 5. Last question about the music. Your latest single "Coming Home" has been released on Armada Music. Tell us something about your future releases and/or plans. It was a busy summer with a lot of touring. Now summer is ending I will be spending more time in the studio again, finishing some concepts I have started last months. First upcoming release is on the Protocol Recordings ADE compilation. Then we will have another release around November/December, can’t give much info about that yet. Beginning of 2016 the When In Paris label will be launched with solo projects, and some collars. Stay tuned!  
AMSTERDAM! I will be hosting my own When In Paris area at Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings party during ADE. We got... Posted by Arno Cost on Thursday, September 10, 2015