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Lazy Boyz: The Trap Trio

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Madison Riccardi

Aaron, Jared and Trevor all from different parts of the world make up Lazy Boyz. Aaron from Canada has been a musician since the 6th grade, he played in a post-hardcore band and he also did acoustic stuff along the way. Aaron first started producing electronic music as Aaron Michaels in 2011, he mainly produced progressive and electro house also it was around this time that he first met Jared through mutual Soundcloud friends. After a friend of Aaron's began asking him for rap instrumentals he started experimenting with trap beats. "I got hooked on the heavy bass and endless possibilities of trap quickly, and it soon became my genre of choice for production." He worked as Aaron Michaels for a while as a solo artist, and in December 2014 he and Jared started talking about creating a side project together. 2 months later Falling was their first release. Jared from New York started producing about 2 years ago under the alias Party Thieves. Then he decided why not try working with 2 good artists/friends to make some more heavy trap. Trevor from Los Angeles sang in a rock band for years until he got burned out. "I wanted to do my own thing so I started producing stuff for myself. I’ve always been into hiphop so it was a natural transition for me coming from the rock scene." After a couple years of doing his own thing, he got in contact with Jared "and started choppin' it up about doing Lazy Boyz." Now that you have gotten to know a little background on how the Lazy Boyz came to be, I figured I would ask them a few questions about "Lazy Boyz". OTB: Who are the Lazy Boyz? Lazy Boyz: The laziest group of hard working producers representing NY, LA, and ON, Canada. OTB: Do you guys think that being from different parts of the world has helped shape your sound? Aaron: I think our backgrounds and our music taste have more of an effect on our sound vs our locations. We’re getting good at playing off each other's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combining our ideas and developing an overall sound. We’ve developed a good workflow considering the distance. Jared: I’m too lazy to answer this one. Trevor: *Insert lazy answer* OTB: Are there any tracks in the works that you can tell me about? Lazy Boyz: There are a few tracks you may hear in the DJ rotation of bigger artists that haven't been released yet. One unreleased track appeared at the very end of the Party Thieves 50K mix with the Prison Riot vocal drop that I (Party Thieves) play out nearly every set. It goes off. OTB: Your original track “Right Now”, what was the process of making that track? Aaron: Cut a check to our ghost producer, actually it was an e-transfer. Jared: See above ^ Trevor: We couldn’t think of a better name. OTB: Do you think that you guys will explore other types of sounds besides Trap? Lazy Boyz: I think we all appreciate a lot of different genres. Right now though, Trap is what gets us pumped to make music. OTB: Lastly is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters? Lazy Boyz: Stay lazy fam. Zzz.    

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