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INTERVIEW: Aki Bergen & Richter Shine with Latest Release

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aki Bergen & Richter are two DJ/producers who both have had stellar careers in their own right, but now releasing and performing as a duo some might say the future is looking even brighter for them. With their latest release on their own imprint Neurotraxx Recordings, we caught up with the guys to talk about what they hope for their newest project... OTB: I want to start straight away with asking about your new release out on Neurotraxx Recordings. Tell us a little about your thinking behind the track and how it got put together?

My Love Won't Fade is a collaboration with Simone Salvatori, lead singer of Spiritual Front, a very well-known band with several albums and dates worldwide. We wanted to create a sensual song, which could go well with the characteristics of the vocals , that’d work both on the dancefloor and at home. We'd say, something that might be interesting for clubbers, but also for those who do not regularly attend the club.

Mirage comes from the desire to combine more acoustic and ethnic sounds with others related to analog synths. A track firmly oriented to the dance floor but also those mental and melodic elements which we love to find in a track.

The Fog is a dance floor spiced tune. We tried to blend soundscape elements together with seductive synth stabs and melodies, too. The final goal was sharing our feelings and sensations while approaching this new musical challenge.

OTB: Neurotraxx obviously has a great history with a wide amount of releases having been released before on the label. What was it that made you want to release back on the label with this release?

It was the need to go back talking our own language through the music itself, it is as simple as that. Running a label is a big luck if you know what you're doing. You have the chance to share your music and thoughts in your own personal way, with no filters and conditioning as well. We had a deep talk the day we took the decision to make music together and the result was what you get by listening to our first EP as duo.

OTB: Which DJ’S are currently standing out and making you take notice currently at the moment?

We love to discover new talents and people who are not constantly under the spotlight, even if they would deserve it. You will understand soon who we're talking about, as you can guess it from our charts.

However we admire the work of artists like Ame, Dixon, Maceo Plex, Kollektive Turmstrasse, Stimming, Marcus Worgull, Andre Hommen, Minilogue, Mano Le Tough just to name a few.

We are also fans of people such as Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer, Danny Tenaglia and others who are able to make so many people dance for so many years and in fact, bring many of us into the game!

OTB: What was the last record you bought? Why?

Richter : We receive many promos from the labels to which we are interested, so when I decide to buy an album or an EP  it is often something different. To answer the question, it's Knee - Deep in the North Sea by Portico Quartet.

Aki: The Chemical Brothers - Born In The Echoes. I've been a fan for ages. You can always learn something new from them in terms of sound design, mixing approach and the intricacy of the arrangements as well.

OTB: What do you look for in a track before you part with your money with it?

It must draw our attention, with the right mix of melody and rhythm, with its recognizable sound and must be able to work well on the dance floor. Physically and mentally speaking.

OTB: How would you sum up your relationship with music?

Richter: The music is the most important thing in my life. It is a relationship based on dedication, respect and the desire to always improve. Gratified by unique and unrepeatable moments and feelings that only music can make me feel.

Aki: I wouldn't personally call it a relationship. Mostly, it is a religion. The music is what I believe in.

OTB: And how long have you been DJing? Did the production or the DJing come first?

Richter : I've been DJing since 2000. I would say that they started simultaneously. As I began to work in the studio, I was practicing with turntables. The two things have almost always moved in parallel for me.

Aki: I started off DJing when I was 14. At first I was almost begging people to let me play in their clubs - for free obviously! Then, after a few years and some lucky meetings I had quality residencies and played in many parties. The production thing came later in 1997 when I released my first vinyl.

OTB: Are you a hardware or software guy? And which do you prefer?

Richter : I would say both. I am a pianist and keyboard player, so the manual approach for me is very important, even when it comes to working with the knobs.

However, I also love to work with softwares, especially given the excellent quality level achieved by many plugins and sequencers in the recent years.

Aki: I am an old school guy. I do love working with hardware synths and drum machines too, but new technologies also offer plenty of quality sounds and versatility, so I do use contempt softwares and how I can make them work together with my analogue synthesizers.

OTB: What’s your ultimate ambition as a DJ and producer?

We expect to carry on our dream. Constantly improving our skills, playing for as many people as possible in as many places as possible - and to continue to be lucky enough to see the people who love our music and what we try to give them day by day.

Also we wanna see our own label Neurotraxx growing and at the same time, having the opportunity to release and keep releasing on some labels we love.

OTB: Tell us a little about the partnership as a whole with you guys? How did it come about and what makes it work so well do you think?

It all started in a very spontaneous and natural way. Thanks to a mutual friend that introduced us, we have become good friends and talking to each other, we understood that our paths lead in the same, unique direction. From that point on, the desire to unite our careers and working as a duo was a very predicted step forward. Friendship, mutual respect and strong affinity in musical tastes are the basis of our relationship.

OTB: Plans for the foreseeable future?

This answer has only three words: music, music, music!

Aki Bergen & Richter's 'Diaries' is out now on Neurotraxx Recordings

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