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INTERVIEW: Dario D'Attis Takes House to Its Raw Beginning

Thursday, October 01, 2015

With his vibe filled 'Brooklyn Shit' EP dropping earlier this month on Hive Audio, Dario D'Attis took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Only The Beat as we get an exclusive look into the man behind raw house music. OTB: You are set to release your latest EP on Hive Audio, tell us a bit about the story behind Brooklyn Shit . Dario D'Attis: This EP tells something about my past . It’s all about grooves here, I tried to keep that old school new york flavour I picked up in the beginning of the 90’s. As you can here i’m very influenced by that kind of music, I hope I can catch you with it. OTB: Why do you feel that Hive is the right place for this release? Dario D'Attis: Cause I feel at home there, I have a really close relationship with the Hive Audio family. Really proud to be part of this crazy crew, love them! OTB: What is your relationship like with the label? How long have you known the team and can we expect future works from yourself on the imprint? Dario D'Attis: Like I mentioned before, we all have a really close relationship to each other . Because of the label but also because the label owners really takes care of this kind of vibe with the artists . We’re talking about different things, and yes, I will definitely release more of my music on Hive Audio . OTB: Looking back at who has featured in the history of Hive, which one artist would you most like to collaborate alongside? Dario D'Attis: I feel them all, so I already had collabs with Animal Trainer, Reto Ardour and i will do some new Music with Manuel Moreno as well. OTB: Going back to the Brooklyn Shit EP, what has the reaction been like in the clubs when you have dropped either of the tunes? Dario D'Attis: I always came across changes during the last few months, so testing my own stuff is very dangerous for myself. OTB: Which one is your favourite out of the three? Dario D'Attis: My one is Do It Right. OTB: Which one was the hardest to finish off? Dario D'Attis: Do It right  . . . ufffff OTB: A lot of artists out there are pushing to release albums, is this something you would look at doing or are you happy with EPs and singles? Dario D'Attis: Honestly I just enjoy working in my studio . So if once I will have like 10 or more tracks ready for an album it will definitely make sense . OTB: What has been the latest addition to your studio and what is next on the list? Dario D'Attis: My latest news are : RME Fireface 400 Audio Interface / Moog Slim Phatty / New Mac 27“ My next ones : Moog Subphatty  and Novation Bassstation 2, and i will definitely go back to MPC by Akai. OTB: What has been your best memory so far from the summer season? Dario D'Attis: Oh I have so many good memories of this summer; Watergater Berlin, Guaba Beach Cyprus, Streetparade and of course visiting my mother and my father in Italy.   You can pick up a copy of 'Brooklyn Shit' here.