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Interview: Alec Chizhik and Markus Mehta

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Having just dropped their killer EP 'Music' on Loot Recordings, collaborative double act Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta stop by Only The Beat for an exclusive interview.   OTB: How was your summer, any standout memories from gigging? AC & MM: Summer was beautiful this year, we had amazing weather over here and many BBQs with good friends. We took it easy and did not do too many gigs during the last couple of months, to fully focus on our studio work. Also Markus has re-launched his Electronic Soul parties at Munich’s Rote Sonne club again this year. These are always crazy nights and a highlight for our whole gang. OTB: Growing up, how do you think the German and Russian cultures were different and how has it shaped your sound? AC & MM: Alec migrated to Germany at a very early age and Markus grew up in Germany, so we believe it did not shape our sound that much. We both enjoy the Russian hospitality and food of course - Alec’s parents are both Russian, so we get to enjoy these quite regularly. OTB: Did you have many defining nights growing up, what's the most memorable? AC & MM: Yes, we had countless defining club nights while growing up. Exploring the new and unknown world of electronic music, that had just started flourishing in Germany was a huge part of our teenage years and beyond. Listening to people like Sven Väth and Laurent Garnier playing all-night sets on a regular basis at the old Munich airport were highlights of course. Also clubs such as the legendary Ultraschall have been an inspiration. OTB: What is your favourite club to party at and also play at? AC & MM: When we are not traveling we like to spend time at Rote Sonne, Harry Klein and Bob Beaman in Munich. Favorite club to play is Rote Sonne for one of the Electronic Soul nights. OTB: What would be your dream club to play at? AC & MM: Warung in Brazil, AIR in Japan, Output in America, as well as Fabric in the UK to just name a few. OTB: How long have you making music as duo and can we expect more further down the line? AC & MM: Our first collaboration the “Transit EP” was released on the Boston based Headtunes label in 2007. Currently we are preparing all the music that we have recorded together during this year for release. Stay tuned. We have many more bombs in the pipeline! OTB: This next release is set for release on Loot Recordings, how did you relationship begin with the label begin and can we expect to hear more from you through this imprint? AC & MM: Loot Recordings is the newest brainchild from Kered, a veteran DJ, producer and promoter from the US East Coast. Kered has been working with Markus for many years and both became great friends. It felt quite naturally to join forces for this release. Kered fell in love with the original version instantly and wanted it for the label. OTB: It features some really nice reworks from Junior Gee and Luminer, what pulled you towards getting those guys on remix duty? AC & MM: We are huge fans of Junior Gee’s work and his records, especially those on 8Bit did quite some damage in our sets. Having Junior on remix duties, provided our original composition with a different kind of peak-time funk! The Luminér guys have a fantastic modern and deeper sound that is very appealing to us. We knew that they would round off the EP in perfect style, providing their remix with the same amount of feel and passion that we put into the original. OTB: How would you say the music has changed over the years and where do you think it will be in the near future? AC & MM: For us electronic music and techno needs a lot of focus and most importantly soul. We don’t follow trends. If we like it we play it! Techno has always been a futurist statement, so as long as people are exploring new technologies and music itself, it will hopefully be as exciting as it is now. OTB: Whats next for you two then, touring, more music? AC & MM: ADE is on the menu next! We are getting ready for it as we speak. It will be a great week, hanging out with new and old friends from all over the world, talking about music and exploring fresh ideas. Then in early November, Markus will release his new solo record on the Under No Illusion imprint named “Precept EP”. OTB: Where would you like to see yourself next year? AC & MM: Hopefully healthy and inspired to continue on our musical mission!   'Music' is out on Loot Recordings now, pick up a copy here.