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Interview: Roni Kush Has the Love for Techno

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

With his 'Robot Noize' EP just dropping on Foreign Language Records, we caught up with Ibiza based Roni Kush to find out a little more behind the white isle DJ.

OTB: How did you get into house and techno?

Roni Kush: My love for house and techno started in the late 80's due to my father love of acid house and the involvement of family members in the early rave scene. I was surrounded by the house culture at a young age and was the first person out of any of my friends to get a set of decks so from that point on our house became a regular hang out for all kinds of rave monkeys in the early 90's!

OTB: What were you into before house? What was your entry point to the music?

Roni Kush: I guess it was from the first LP's my father bought for me back then. He was an avid vinyl collector and would often bring me black plastic gifts after spending days crate digging around London. The first ones he got for me were more towards the hip house end of the spectrum as he knew I loved groups like RUN DMC etc... So it was LP's like Rebel MC and EP's from the likes of Tyree Cooper that would come my way. I loved them and it set my passion for house music from a young age.....

OTB: Were you always into underground house and techno then?

Roni Kush: Yes I've always been a massive house head! There was just no way of avoiding it!

OTB: How did you start making music? And how your set-up evolved since then?

Roni Kush: I started making music with a couple of friends back in School who were equally obsessed with the rave scene in the early 90's. We would spend our lunch breaks and even miss the bus home from school so we could sneak into the music room and make beats. Teachers were cool with it, they liked that we were doing something productive rather than going out causing trouble I guess! Looking back now, our music room had some amazing gear that never left the cupboard unless we were around. They had an Atari ST with the original version of Cubase, a Roland 303, Jupiter 8 and an Akai sampler. It was pure heaven for us playing the sounds that you would hear in many of the tracks we loved! We did this for months learned the equpiment inside and out and actually had some success releasing quite a few tracks back in the day....

OTB: What would you say is your greatest achievement from a musical perspective?

Roni Kush: Its hard to say really. There have been so many great achievements over the years, lots of great releases and many moments to cherish. The strangest acheivments have to be from my role as a ghost producer. I have made several tracks that have done really well for some big artists (that obviously I cannot name!) but seeing such tracks in the top 10 of Beatport etc would count as great achievements but at the same time it can be very disheartening seeing the credit of your great work go uncredited. But thats the nature of the ghost production beast im afraid. In terms great achievements as a DJ there have been many, playing the big clubs in Ibiza is always unreal. But I've had times here in Thailand were rocking out to crowds of up to 8000 people in the middle of a tropical Jungle, at Jungle Experience Koh Phangan would be up there with the best moments. It's something not many artists get to experience in their lifetime, truley unique!

OTB: You’re based in Ibiza now, right? What’s that like?

Roni Kush: Im not actually based there this year! Ive had a year out of Ibiza and im now living on the tropical paradise party island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. It was my plan to take a season out, concentrate on my own productions and spending a bit of time on my own careed as opposed to helping others in their success. So hopefully ill be back next year with a huge bag of new released and productions under my belt!

OTB: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being based in Ibiza then?

Roni Kush: As above, it's very difficult when your based in Ibiza to be able to nail down studio time as there is so much going on. So things like production have to take a back seat. This is why ive decided to take some time out to really concentrate on building a body of (my own) tracks to take back next year.

OTB: Outside of Ibiza, what’s the coolest place you’ve played at and why?

Roni Kush: Without question its here in Koh Phangan. This place is an amazing party island with so many unbeleivable and unique party venue's that you just wont see anywhere else in the world. It really is a slice of Ibiza in Asia with an added twist of being a tropical beauty that throws up the the most incredible locations for a good old knees up!

OTB: So you’ve releases coming soon on Foreign Language Records. Can you tell me a bit about that one?

Roni Kush: Yes I have a new EP forthcoming on the label. Its another acid twinged vintage throwback which features some fantastic remixes from Scurillious and long time Ibiza legend and great friend Marco Loco. Each mix has its own unique twist, really excited about this release!

OTB: How would you describe the music you make to someone who’s yet to hear it?

Roni Kush: Im an old school fool, i grew up on Acid House and the early House scene so i just love that sound and the fact its come back in a big way makes me happier than you could ever imagine! So pretty much every solo track you will hear from me will have a vintage house touch but with a modern twist in there somewhere!

OTB: What 5 tracks are you playing a lot on rotation right now?

Roni Kush: Roni Kush - Robot Noise (Scurrilous Remix)

Ryan Crosson - D!!!

Manik (NYC) - Buffalo Stance

Steve Lawler - Libertine

Armando - Future

'Robot Noize' EP is out now pick up a copy here.