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Introducing Ibiza's Antonio Thagma

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Antonio Thagma is set to release the dynamic EP 'Leather Soul' over on the world famous Visionquest imprint. Chatting to the Only The Beat team we discover his biggest influences, dream gigs and what else is in the pipeline to come...

Antonio Thagma - Visionquest Podcast 009

OTB: Why do you feel that Visionquest is the right place for this release?

Antonio Thagma: Visionquest has always caught my attention and some of the artists that I like most have released with them. I'm a big fan of the imprint. It's an honour.

OTB: What is your relationship like with the label? How long have you known the team and can we expect future works from yourself on the imprint?

Antonio Thagma: The relationship is very cool! I went out to party with them in Ibiza, Barcelona, London and Berlin and I had lots of fun, I learn a lot from them since they have plenty experience and knowledge. I hope I get to release more tracks with them, we will see what the future holds

OTB: Looking back at who has featured in the history of Visionquest, which one artist would you most like to collaborate alongside?

Antonio Thagma: It is difficult to have to choose just one, it would be awesome to make music with Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtis, Shaun Reeves, Butch, Guy Gerber, Dinky, Tale of Us, Alexi Delano etc..... ;)

OTB: Going back to the Leather Soul EP, what has the reaction been like in the clubs when you have dropped any of the tunes, and which one have you found has had the biggest buzz?

Antonio Thagma: This summer I played "Leather Soul" at Space Ibiza and the reaction was good. But I have heard them better when the guys have played it. Last week Ryan dropped "Doing that" during the "Vagabundos" closing party at Space Ibiza and I liked how it sounded. I also heard good feedback of "Leather Soul" when Ryan Crosson b2b Cesar Merveille b2b Seth Troxler played it at "Club der Visionaere" in April.

OTB: Which one is your favourite out of the three, and which one was the hardest in the studio to finish off?

Antonio Thagma: "Inmahouse" is maybe my favourite, the one I've made more versions and the first I sent them. Thanks to this track the guys asked me for more.

OTB: A lot of artists out there are pushing to release albums, is this something you would look at doing or are you happy with EPs and singles?

Antonio Thagma: I like the 2-3 tracks format on vinyls but I am also looking forward to releasing an album later

OTB: What has been the latest addition to your studio and what is next on the list?

Antonio Thagma: The latest addition have been an old pair of Adam monitors, I love their sound and definition on the low end. I would love to buy a Buchla... ;)

OTB: What has been your best memory from the summer season?

Antonio Thagma: To play at the opening of "Carl Cox Music is Revolution" at Space with some of my best friends at the dance floor.

OTB: Any upcoming shows/tours that you would like to give out for?

Antonio Thagma: Revier Club in Zurich 12/12/15 is a gig that I am looking forward to a lot.

'Leather Soul' lands October 9th.