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Interview: Martin Waslewski

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mother Recordings have been on fine form recently with a string of successful releases leading up to its most recent instalment from Martin Waslewski. The 'Gerd' creator stopped by to give us all the details of this stunning EP.

OTB: Hey Martin, hope you’re well! Tell our readers a little more about you for those that might not be so familiar with your sound?

Martin Waslewski: My sound is funky, groovy, organic with some punchy bass lines.

OTB: What have been the highlights of your year so far?

Martin Waslewski: I think my gig in Bogotá (Colombia) was one of my highlights.

OTB: What’s the best party you’ve ever played at and why?

Martin Waslewski: Hard to say, there are so many lovely nights that I will never forget. I can't really name only one.

OTB: What’s the one big tune you always reach for on special occasions?

Martin Waslewski: Its not that one track, it's always the whole mix ! You need to tell a story...

OTB: What do you think makes a special party?

Martin Waslewski: The crowd. If they are open minded for your music and up for a great party.

OTB: How would you define your DJ and production styles?

Martin Waslewski: I'm just doing what I like to do, their is no definition.

OTB: Can you talk us through your Gerd EP on Mother Recordings? What was the idea behind it?

Martin Waslewski: Gerd is an Hommage to my Grandpa and the Sinnerman theme always reminds me of him. So I decided to do my own version.

OTB: So did it end up as you’d hoped for?

Martin Waslewski: Yes, the whole EP is climbing up the Beatport Charts, especially Gerd, it is now in the top 20. I hope it will get in the top 10 soon.

OTB: Where else have you released music? And what do you consider your proudest moment to date as a producer?

Martin Waslewski: On Monaberry, Hommage, Exploited, Heulsuse & Mother Recordings. I think my first time in the Charts last year was my proudest moment!

OTB: So when you get in the studio, what do you start with when you’re making tracks? Do you just jam and see what happens or go in with an idea?

Martin Waslewski: Most of the time it comes from a jam!

OTB: What’s next on the agenda for you that you’re really excited about?

Martin Waslewski: Thats a secret at the moment. But you will definitely hear and see it !

OTB: What 5 tracks are you really playing out a lot at the moment?

Martin Waslewski: 1. Martin Waslewski - Gerd

2. Mat.Joe - Make A Livin

3. Terranova - Skin & Bones (Karl Friedrich Remix)

4. Hanne & Lore - Karma Supra

5. Boris Dlugosch, Purple Disco Machine - L.O.V.E.

'Gerd' is out now and available here