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Behind the Beat: Argy

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Following on from an insanely busy summer that saw numerous releases make their way out the studio on top of a well earned residency and Sankeys Ibiza we caught up with Greek producer Argy.

OTB: What sticks in the memory as some of the best moments over the summer for you?

Argy: It usually takes a while for me to become nostalgic and summer just ended so its hard to tell. Perhaps settling down in Ibiza in May when it was still quiet and peaceful. I still had time to go to the beach and meet people and also make music. Then between June and September things got really hectic.

OTB: What was it like playing at Sankeys on the regular? Did you like having a place you call home, as it were, did it mean you could play differently?

Argy: Really happy that I had that opportunity to play different slots and different music, at the same time testing out songs I was producing while living in Ibiza. Our sound system was very accurate and I knew the place well enough so it was luxury to have that space in my hands. I also felt part of the night and got involved in so many aspects of throwing an event.

OTB: How often do you go home, do you keep up with goings on there - I guess you have family there - whats it like for them?

Argy: For me its necessary grounding and can’t wait to go there again. I only go 3 times a year and yes my folks are there and all my childhood friends.

I never work on music there because i am actually really content there. I work on music when i am looking for a way-out. That says it all.

OTB: You hooked up with Bedrock for the first time - who did that come about, what’s it like working with John?

Argy: He has been supporting me and music since day one so it wasn’t a surprise. It was a surprise having finally material that i could 100% say that it was Bedrock stuff. We got really good feedback and i haven’t released anything so melodic in a while so it worked well for some people that missed that side of me.

OTB: How hard is it as a slightly elder statesman to stay in peoples minds, to get the attention you deserve, does it annoy you that its all about newness, not goodness, nowadays?

Argy: In a way yes you are right, there is a lot of newness going on and attracting a lot of attention. But on the other hand I am happy I could be potentially on the way of being (with a little luck) something more classic in the future. I am still 30 and i want to work for a few more decades so anyway for me thats the only way to go. I released Love Dose when I was 20 and some of my colleagues from back then are out of business so i consider myself lucky to still be so relevant.

Production-wise I admire people like Carl Craig for example. He is not in every kid’s mouth right now but he started becoming classic in his 40s and he is always going to be here and strong. Thats an admirable career in electronic music.

OTB: Are you formally trained in anyway, on any instrument, yourself? Can you play any instruments or anything? Does that/would that help with your own production?

Argy: Basic piano and keys. I am very good in writing melodies and cool hooks when I need to. It does help to know a little bit but not too much as then you are limited by your own genius.

OTB: You play The Rainbow in Birmingham soon - whats your relationship with the place like, any great stories or fond memories?

Argy: Lee and Adam Shelton first brought me to Birmingham and I follow them with loyalty. I will never forget my first gig there as it was the time that the house music revival was coming through and people were so thirsty for those happier sounds after the minimal techno invasion. It was easy to make an impression as the crown was older too and throwing older songs was key.

OTB: What will you pack, what should people expect, what you into right now?

Argy: At the moment I am in Berlin, restructuring my whole set, finding new music and getting in touch with a new vibe, so who knows really. I just want it to be really different from my summer sound as I played too many shows and those tracks do talk to me anymore.

OTB: What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?

Argy: I did a remix for John Digweed & Nick Muir, its called “Track For Life”. I am now finishing my own EP for my own record label These Days Records and planning a charity program later this year. A new album is also in the making but i am only sketching up ideas in flights at the moment.

Argy plays Tribal Sessions at Fire on October 16th (info), followed by The Rainbow Haunting on the 31st of October (info).