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Interview: Real Nois

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Having just released their dynamic and ground breaking EP 'Chekechela' on their own imprint, we caught up with Real Nois to get a detailed insight into the hugely talented collective.   OTB: So, what is Real Nois and where did it originate from, how long have you been making music together? Real Nois: The Real Nois team is made up of label boss and audio expert Reza Kharaghan, creative director Leili Huth, producer/musician Chris Franck and in house head of engineering Mattia Sartori. We’ve been making music for about 3 years now, but we only really stepped up the production 18 months ago when the studio in Ibiza was finished. OTB: What musical backgrounds do you have? Do you feel that the incorporation of multiple musicians helps create a more unique sound? Real Nois: Essentially we are coming from a live music background. Chris has been making music for over 20 years and has been mixing electronic and live music creating unique grooves and sounds that have become an essential part of Real Nois productions. The inclusion of multiple musicians is definitely part of creating a unique sound, as live music adds that human touch which will always be more original than anything made with samples. 11028350_865743246835223_434846613107346966_o OTB: Diabel Cissokho features with a vocal performance on this upcoming EP, how did that relationship begin, what makes Diabel so well suited to this style of music? Real Nois: Diabel and Chris have worked together for over 10 years on a number of projects and it made prefect sense to collaborate with Diable on this track. It is because of the collaboration between Chris and Diabel over the years that they have an understanding of how to mix traditional African music with modern dance music.   OTB: How long has the Chekechela EP been in the works and were there many different ideas before you settled on the final cut? Real Nois: It’s been in the works for about 6 months and the version you hear is the only one. OTB: You have decided to release selection of stems from your productions through your website. What made you want to do this? Do you feel its important to give back to other producers? Real Nois: Because the music we create contains live instruments we’ve always wanted to make our stems available for other producers and DJ’s to have access to the sounds that we use. Yes, it is important to make this available for others, by doing this there are more options out there than the standard sample packs that everyone knows. Companies like Native Instruments and Beatport are moving in that direction as well. Reza In The Studio copy     OTB: Will this be linked to the Real Nois sampler album thats going to drop next year? Real Nois: We have not finalized the selection of tracks to go on the sampler album, but it will contain new material. OTB: Where did the Real Nois collection stem from, is it mainly equipment that you have built up over the years? Real Nois: The Real Nois collection has been personally selected by Reza and Leili. This is a collection that has been acquired over the years. Reza is the ultimate audiophile and he only selects the best, so you know you are getting something that is of the highest caliber. OTB: How long have you had the studio over in Ibiza? Does having a fully working studio help you be more creative with your productions rather than other musicians who may just use all digital instrumentation? Real Nois: Yes, definitely!  We’ve had our studio for about 18 months. We have an amazing mixture of analogue and digital equipment which would be any musicians dream. Having a studio like ours is certainly a massive help. All the instruments, amplifiers and keyboards are permanently connected to the Neve 8068 mixing desk to make the writing and creative process much quicker and more focused. we always have our Vintage Neumann U67s connected and ready to go so we can record live instruments at the best possible quality and without loosing the momentum. OTB: Heading back towards more of the music, how far ahead have you planned for Real Nois releases and where can we expect to see the sound head towards? Real Nois: We’re in the studio a lot so we’ve got enough music to do one release a month next year, which is the plan. With that we’ve also got a few albums in the pipeline and a few other projects that are definitely a different direction to what we’ve done so far. The one thing with the music we produce is that we are not set in one genre, we like to be fluid with the music, as long as it is good then we’ll do it.   OTB: You mention an album online, is this something that has already been created? Real Nois: No this is something that we are working on but we will have it ready towards the end of next year. OTB: Do you find creating an album is harder than an EP? If so why? Real Nois: Working on an album nowadays you have to really make every track a standout track. No longer can you get away with making an album with 4 amazing tracks and then 8 filler tracks. An album is a far more involved piece of work than an EP. Usually you have a minimum of ten tracks on an album, hence the amount of work is far more than a 3/4 track EP.   Studio image copy OTB: You have previously collaborated with some big and well respected names, can we expect more of that in the future? Real Nois: For sure! The most important thing about working with big names is that it makes sense for both sides. There is no point in collaborating with a famous artist just for the sake of it. There has to be a shared musical admiration for it to work. OTB: And finally, what one thing would you want a listener/fan to take away from the Real Nois experience? Real Nois: A great listening experience, if one of our fans/listeners likes what we do and tells another person how great the music is, then we’ve done our job.     'Chekechela' is out now on Real Nois, pick up a copy here.