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Kiso On How He Kept Summer Alive With His Last Single

Friday, November 06, 2015

It hasn't been long since house producer Kiso dropped his effortlessly beautifully single "Hvar" for Ultra Music. Featuring the highly talented saxophonist MSP, it was a late summer anthem, and still has us grooving today. We got the lowdown from the artist himself about how the track was created. How did the brilliant “Hvar” get made? Did it take long? I was playing around in my studio with a few melody ideas. Then it just hit me. I laid out the chords and bam, the song was born. I actually released 3 versions of the song before getting the final one for Ultra. It took about 2 weeks from start to finish. How did MSP end up on the track? At first, when I released version one of the song, it had a sax sample and really just sounded bad. After I planned on re-releasing it I reached out to Marc (MSP) and told him I think his sax would be great on this. We were already planning on working together on other songs, so he was more than excited to do the sax on Hvar. Hvar is a small island near Croatia. What inspired you to name the track after it? I have been to the Island of Hvar on vacation maybe 10 times and the song was just so summery. It’s a really beautiful place to visit and the song reminds me of being on the beach, drinking a nice cold beer with my friends. You’re fairly new to the scene. What made you start writing music? I have been writing music for about 5 years now and it all started because of my love for dance music as a kid. I realized that I could make music on my computer and that blew me away. What are your 3 favourite tracks right now? Little Giants – "Lately" (Kav Verhouzer Remix) Hugh – "Learn to Fall" (Anevo Remix) Robin Schulz & Henri Pfr – "Wave Goodbye" Is there anyone you would love to make a track with? Robin Schulz would have to be the one person I would really want do a track with. I love all of his songs and they are just so well produced.