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Exclusive Interview: D.Vault

Saturday, November 07, 2015
Madison Riccardi

Sage DeVault better know as D.Vault is a 19 year old producer/DJ from Orange County, California. Other than DJ’ing he is currently pursuing a Communications/Public Relations Major, but first he is attending Icon Music Collective in the upcoming Spring. D.Vault formally known as JANET JACK's SON has put out a Drake N Flume Edit that has over 1 Million plays on Soundcloud along with many other flips! OTB: How did you first get into producing music? D.Vault: I've always had a love for music, and I was first introduced to DJ’ing when my brother bought a DJ controller when I was 12. I made mixes and mashups and taught myself with zero help to learn organically. I first got into producing music when one day I noticed my mashups I posted for friends and family soon gained attention and jumped into the upper hundred-thousands views wise. Suddenly I received gig offers and realized I could turn this into something special. At that point I began producing my own material and loving music more and more every minute. After all, that's what it's truly about. OTB: Is there a song that you first listened to that made you really want to get into producing music? D.Vault: There's always one song that has stuck with me, which is In My Mind (Axwell Mix) played out by Kaskade during his 2012 Coachella set. I've listened to the song over and over and it gives me chills every time. That feeling I get from this song inspires me to create music that has similar results for my audience. Trap has so much potential to be something greater than just hard-hitting bangers, and I hope to show that with future releases. OTB: Who is your inspiration? D.Vault: Musically, my inspirations are What So Not and Keys n Krates. They are able to create an emotion with each track as well as create high energy that a crowd can groove to. In life, my inspiration is my older brother. He takes things head on and appreciates everything that goes his way or does not. He's creative, adventurous, and focuses on the important things in life. I hope to reflect that attitude in my music and whoever I meet along the way. It's all about loving the music when it's all said and done. OTB: If you could have produced any song that is already out which song would it be and why? D.Vault: RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me It was iconic in terms of catching you off guard with its drop and becoming a trap anthem for over a year and a half. It's vocal sample grabs you and gets you lost unknowing of the energy the song is about to emit on you. OTB: You’ve recently changed the name you go by, why is that? D.Vault: My recent alias was JANET JACK’s SON and it was something I really loved. It got a lot of good press and was noted one time for being “producer name of the year” but as things picked up on my media pages the negatives outweighed the positives. Promoters and venues began thinking they were booking Janet Jackson’s son at some points and explaining the name became difficult in terms of promotion. I changed my name to be more professional, and I’m happy I made the switch now for what's upcoming. OTB: What was the inspiration behind making the Jaguar Flip? D.Vault: The inspiration was from the original’s third drop which took the vocals and mashed it with a drop feel which I think goes unrecognized when DJ’s play it out. I decided to get to together with yung fuchsia, a very young, talented producer and bring this part of the song to light. We helped create this small segment of the track come into full focus on our flip. OTB: Are you currently working on any tracks you can tell us about? D.Vault: I am currently working on a few originals and more flips with really talented producers that don't receive enough recognition. One original, titled ‘U Get Me’ features Spain Producer Venza and my sister Eve DeVault on the vocals. This track will be released under Hebinomichi records/label and I’m very excited when it's going to release. I'm also doing a flip with a good friend of mine Evillive as well as the very talented oceans. Both flips will be out soon! OTB: Would you ever consider branching out of the Trap genre and maybe experimenting with different genres? If so what genres and why? D.Vault: I've thought about this and I want to go through Icon Collective before really thinking of another genre to dive into. At the moment, I have been playing with bass house and g-house, which are both so fun and interesting to create. The main focus right now is giving the idea of ‘trap’ an emotion behind each track I put out.

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