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Behind The Beat: ETC!ETC! Goes Full Moombah

Monday, November 09, 2015
Matthew Jager

Jose Guerrero has made a name for himself as one of the most promising DJ's and producers under the guise of a music loving robot. ETC!ETC! has taken the bass world by storm with his remixes and bootlegs. His tracks have been featured in countless mixes and compilations and really demonstrate the talent he posses in being able to take a track and breathe so much new unique life to it. His live sets are always on point, so naturally us at Only The Beat wanted to sit down and chat about what's going on with him. Below you can find out full interview with ETC!ETC! where he discusses inspirations, love of the bass scene, and gives us the inside scoop on two brand new EP's coming out in the near future.
  OTB: How did the logo come to be? Why a moombahton loving robot? ETC: Well as a kid I always loved robots, so I knew when I went into this project the logo had to be something to do with it, so when it came down to it the perfect bot got made, its evolved over time as me and it will continue to do so, but it just reminds me of my childhood. The robot loves moombah, the robot loves rap, the robot loves emo/screamo music. The robot just loves music in general.   OTB: Why moombahton? The style really saw a surge in popularity a few years ago, and then a few of the big players, such as Dillon Francis, just kind of stopped producing it. It has come back now, but what has kept you into the style for such a long time? ETC: Moombahton was really what started getting me into the scene a while back. It got me a little recognition  but i never stopped making it although i made different types of genres i always went back to moombahton . It just has a great feel to it. [Moobahton] reminds me of when my mom was listening to Spanish music while cleaning the house; just makes your neck snap back a bit. its my roots.  However, the ETC!ETC!  project has no genre preference. I make what I like and as a producer I should be able to touch any tempo.   OTB: How do you see the state of today’s bass arena? With trap being such a dominant force pushing genres like moombahton, DnB, and dubstep to the side, do you feel there is still room to grow and push the genre as a whole, or do you see it lacking in any way? ETC: Bass music will always be bass music and it will always be a big force, weather it is in trap/dubstep or anything. I think as producers we all evolve and want to make new things so everything grows that's why we see so many new sub genres, but I don’t think anything is really getting pushed. We will always be here supporting it.   OTB: Who are some of your greatest inspirations in music; both who you get inspired from and who you hope to emulate with your productions? ETC: Man, tough question. My greatest inspirations musically are people who I grew up listening to wanting to be, John Lennon, Sparklehorse, The Faint , Hot Chip, Pharrell , daft punk... all those inspired me and had great impact on me making my own tunes. Whenever I try to emulate anyone, I put myself in their shoes and try to get a feel or what they were making when they were making a track or a song.   OTB: What are your top three go to tracks currently? Any tracks you have missed playing recently? ETC: Anything FettyWAP, Shades of Grey (Ephwurd Remix) , and anything Valentino Khan.  I don’t miss playing any tracks, cause I always end up playing something I really like, I'm feeling, or missing. That's the fun part of being a dj, u can play anything and not care about anyone else. Lol.   OTB: Who has been your favorite producer to collaborate with? Any you hope with to in the near future? ETC: Bro Safari  is definitely one of them. We have almost the same ear and we finish tunes pretty quick. Also working with Diplo is fun. He's always showing me new stuff. Hmm, at this point, I’ve worked with everyone who I’ve wanted to. I guess I'll see what else comes up .   OTB: Let’s talk new music. I hear you may have something coming out in the near future. Give us the scoop! What do you have in store for us? How has producing an album/EP been compared to producing singles and remixes? ETC: So i finished 12 songs. DimMak is putting out all of them, but we are splitting them into 2 eps. The first EP is called “Wicked.” The second ep is still not titled, but I'm going to add a few more songs to it. Both eps will have 7 songs on them each. It was crazy writing this project. I had written an ep before this and wasn’t too happy with it. It felt forced and felt like this was what I thought people wanted to hear. Then I got stuck in a rut because like I said I wasn’t feeling 100 percent on it,  so I scratched it, took a break, then started writing again and didn’t care what i was making or what i thought people wanted to hear. When I did that, songs started flowing out and I’m totally happy with this project. It's probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done. So many songs with different tempos and genres. I just hope u all like it as much as I do.   OTB: One thing that drew me to you originally was the strength of your remixes. Outside the album/EP, do you have any fun remixes you are working on? What would be the #1 song you would want to remix if you had all the free time in the world? ETC: I love working on remixes. It's my take on how I think the song should’ve sounded.  I still love remixing and doing bootlegs, but have had to focus on originals. I did just finish some new [remixes] that will be coming out; remix for Krwella and Steve Aoki. I'd remix, let it be by the Beatles. Probably trap it out… nah, maybe moombahton…. :D