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Interview: Georgeous & Souldate

Monday, November 09, 2015

Having recently stepped into the studio to form a new and exciting bond, Depaart artists Georgeous & Souldate release their stunning 'Lobby Boy' EP. Only The Beat caught up with the guys to find out more about this release and what is store for the future...   OTB: How did your relationship with Souldate first come about? G&S: We met some years ago, both were involved in different projects and doing other production works. Started to talk about working together on our next tunes when realized we had pretty much same likes and lived very close, so rented a studio and start working out. OTB: This EP, Lobby Boy, how long has this been in the running and what did you set out to achieve with it? G&S: We finished the whole EP in one crazy week of studio work in between of all the summer gigs in August, I think it was the second one actually. Spent 10 hours a day during one week producing at the studio with newcomer TR8 and a Little Phatty I borrowed, so it was kind of a fast project for us. OTB: What is it that makes it work so well when you two sit in the studio together? G&S: We just get along very well at the studio, pushing on each other. We stay very professional when it comes to getting stuff done and that’s cool. We also know our weaknesses and strengths when making a track, that’s also important. OTB: Do you both take on different roles when working on a track? G&S: No, we just share ideas and take on pretty much the same roles. Sometimes fighting for the mouse once we get excited about the track haha! OTB: Can we expect to hear more from you two working together? G&S: Sure, we are already working on our next EP that will be coming out by Spring 2016. Before that, we may launch another collab for the Depaart Christmas VVAA coming out in December. OTB: Why did you decide to release it through your own imprint of Depaart and not another label? G&S: Well, there are several reasons. Basically I was kind of tired of giving out releases to another labels while not having the control of what was actually happening with them in term of sales and promotion. For us this is really important and labels were sometimes shady, so we decided to move it on towards my own one. Latest five singles were on the Beatport tops and I think it’s because we tried to control everything about the promo campaign; I guess when you are working at a low scale as we are doing, you rather prefer to get a full control of your EP and keep pushing step by step. OTB: Tell us a bit about the label, how long has it been running for and how would you best describe the Depaart sound? G&S: Carlos (Moliner) and I started Depaart in 2012 releasing tracks we liked and searching for a different house and techno sound, no matter about the influences, trends or whatever. Carlos moved to Berlin 2 years ago and we took different business ways, always trying to keep it as cool as possible. I started to work more as a promoter and consultant and Carlos started to get involved in the Berlin nightlife scene. Over these last 3 years we have received some help coming out of people involved with the label, developing some blend of techno and house and sometimes focusing our sound on the dance floor and other times releasing sort of darker cuts. OTB: What do you have planned over the coming months for the label regarding releases and events? G&S: Well, there are some plans for this starting season here in Madrid. We will host a monthly night at Studio76, a brand new private club with a nice sound system and a familiar mood. We will also do some secret parties over this fall winter on different locations such as bookstores, butchers and so on, winter is cold down here :) In terms of releases, we will keep our monthly EP and release a ‘various artists’ for Christmas, not too much, to keep Santa Claus happy. OTB: Do you think that running a label has helped improve your productions in any way? If so, how? G&S: Sure, it’s true I receive several demos per week so that it’s easy to see how the producers are doing right now, taking influences and stuff. Sometimes when running a label you look at productions coming to the inbox and start thinking about arrangements or things you won’t do on our tracks, in a certain way helping out to decide on your own ones. I also teach at a music production school; the fact of being in touch with some sort of emerging talents is always nice. OTB: Finally, what are the top five tracks your set right now? G&S: Vibe Killers - Sunrise Tom Trago - Brutal Romance Doorly & Housewerks - Swamp Donkey Josh Butler - Snake Skin Till von Sein - One (Luke Solomon’s Body Mix)   Lobby Boy EP is out 09/11