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Helena Legend Speaks On Causing A Storm

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Having just released her roaring single "Storm" for Australia Onelove, we tracked Helena Legend for a chat about the track, and what else she has going on right now. 

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OTB: Can you tell us a little bit about the creation process for “Storm”? Was it a fun tune to make?

HL: ""Storm" was a really fun track to make. The process of this track actually started with the sound of the drop,  finding the right vibe, then it was about creating a riff that worked well with that particular sound, and the vocal sample I found in a sample pack on the internet. The breakdown in this particular track though is my favorite, it creates a really good feeling on the dance floor and that was my aim behind it. It has a really good energy and feels big on the floor, without being too obvious ‘big room’ - which is what I wanted to achieve."

OTB: How did you find working with Onelove again?

HL: "It’s been fantastic working with Onelove again, as a label they are really on the ball and very supportive, which is rare in this day in age. Most labels don’t give that much love to the release of tracks, so it’s been refreshing working with them. I had huge success in Australia with my last release with them and generally as a label they get some great support around the world with their releases. I have already said I would love to do some more tracks with them in the future."

OTB: Who would you say is killing it production wise at the moment?

HL: "Production-wise, I would say DJ Snake is killing it, as is Jack U/Diplo - that sound has managed to cross over to the main stream and the clubs. “Lean On” I believe has been the most streamed track ever, which is so huge." 

OTB: What has been your favorite show to date this year?

HL: "My favorite show to date this year was a festival stage in Montreal. It was a unique setting in the middle of Montreal city centre and it was all ages, so in the crowd I could see young families, kids, ravers as well as 70 year old couples loving the music. It was absolutely tipping with rain which only added to the atmosphere, the music was truly uniting people from every background young and old. Canada in general is amazing to play, the crowds there just get it."

OTB: What do you consider to be the best parts about your job?

HL: "Besides the obvious being the music side, doing something you love. One of the best things and worst things about the job is the travel, getting to go to all these amazing places around the world that most people in their lifetime would never experience - I’ll never take that for granted, ever. It can also be the worst part of the job though too, schedules can be very tough. Hopping different time zones, late nights, long airport delays, and little sleep can be really tough on your body, combined with so much time by yourself, mentally it can take its toll. Which makes it all the more important to look after yourself as best you can and stay healthy."

OTB: It’s getting towards the end of 2015. Do you have any resolutions for next year?

HL: "My resolution for next year I think is to try and be more present and enjoy the now, like everyone should do. Sometimes you can get so caught up chasing the prize at the end of the rainbow, that you don’t pay attention as much as you should to what you have right now. Even though a huge part of my job is the social media aspect, the iPhone needs to be put away. And making a conscious effort to have more actual human interaction. It's a New Year's resolution that I think a lot of people should take on!"

You can pick up "Storm" here.