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Why We're Addicted To Vigiland

Friday, December 04, 2015

With their most recent club smasher "Addicted" hitting the sound systems in clubs all across the world, we wanted to catch up with its creators, Vigiland, for a quick chat about how they wrote it and what is next for this talented pair.

* * *

OTB: “Addicted” is a smasher – does it come naturally writing such big anthems? 

V: "Thanks guys! We don't know, our goal is to create something we like ourselves. And it's awesome that people go nuts to our music!"

OTB: It's been a pretty amazing year for you guys – tell us some of highlights…

V: "Yeah it has! Some of the highlights is when we played some of the festivals around the Nordic! We would say one of the shows that we did in Denmark, when we brought Alexander Tidebrink on stage! And also when both "UFO" and "Shots And Squats" reached over 60 million streams on Spotify."

OTB: Ted Nights and Alexander Tidebrink feature on the track. How did they get involved?

 V: "We worked on an instrumental EDM/Melbourne Bounce track with Ted, and then we hooked up with Alexander for the singing part - and it became a great hit!"

OTB: What's been your biggest tune to play out in the clubs this year?

V: "Hmm, well all our singles are great live tracks. But, we would say "UFO"! It’s has that anthem feeling."

OTB: What’s next for Vigiland?

V: "Three new great singles! Two of them are collaborations with great artists. We have great feelings for 2016!"