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Behind the Beat: Jeanne

Saturday, December 05, 2015

With her EP 'Mantrakt' released over Carton-Pate, Jeanne is fast becoming a well respected and diverse artist within the underground scene. We caught up with the talent behind this multi genre EP to see what is in the pipeline, his history and biggest influences. OTB: So how did you first get involved with music? Jeanne: My parents made me listen to a lot of music when I was a kid, and I loved it. Then, I started playing the piano, and the more I was playing, the more I wanted to make my own creations. This is how it all began. OTB: This EP is quite varied in regards to the musical genres present, why haven’t you stuck to one sound? Jeanne: When I write my music, I don’t like telling myself: " man, you need a track similar to the previous one, so it makes sense ", I like the creative freedom where I don’t have any limit and where I just let myself go with the flow. I also like to transcribe my feelings in my tracks, I feel like it gives life to it. I really do go with the flow. OTB: How did you relationship with Carton Pate begin? Jeanne: I sent an email with some tracks in it and Maël (the big boss) replied to me, and offered me to release an EP. Thinking about it now, I got lucky that day because I found a record label composed of extremely insane people, and extremely friendly, so we got along really well straight away. OTB: What was the hardest track to finish on the EP and why? Jeanne: Derb Ghallef. I first started this track when I lived in Paris and ended having a lack of inspiration on this one, so I went on and wrote other tracks. Then, I moved to Morocco, in Casablanca, and I went through the Derb Ghallef souk, a pretty crazy electronic market and that night, I wanted to go through some unfinished tracks. I listened to what was “Derb Ghallef” at the time, and told myself “Shit! I totally gotta do this and this on this track!” OTB: Is there one track that really stands out when you drop it in the club? Jeanne: I like the atmosphere that comes from “Devon Rex”.  OTB: Going back to the beginning, what did you used to listen to and how do you think it has affected the sound you produce today? Jeanne: In general, I like to listen to different genres, I can listen to extremely psyche rock music and end up listening to Hip-hop music. About the second part of this question, I think that every person is influenced by the music he or she listens to, but that every person has a different way of interpreting it. OTB: How has your sound changed over the years? Jeanne: Following new meetings, new things that I saw or listened to, feelings, states of mind. I wouldn’t know how to explain it really, but I think that the more time goes by, the more our view on certain things can change and influence us in our creativity, for every kind of artist.  OTB: Where do you think it will develop towards in the future? Jeanne: I never really asked myself this question. Let’s say wherever it wants to. For now, I am not thinking about it. I prefer to think about the present and keep on making music. OTB: What has been your greatest achievement to date? Jeanne: I really liked writing “Glow”. It’s one of the track that I had the most fun writing. And I’m also currently having fun writing a little track that should be out pretty soon. OTB: Where would you like to see yourself this time next year? Jeanne: In a studio, in the middle of a forest with my cat and a lot of instruments… OTB: What are your top five tracks right now ? Jeanne: Tarantella Primma, siconna e terza - Marco Beasley Pino Donaggio - Telescope‬ Hot Sugar - The girl who stole my Tamagotchi‬ Joyride - Hari Kari Igorrr - Tout Petit Moineau Mantrakt is now available on Carton-Pâte Records and is available for purchase on beatport. For more info on this artist, other artists on Carton-Pâte Records, as well as upcoming releases worldwide, be sure to stay tuned with Only The Beat via Twitter and Facebook. Headline photo credit goes to Sarah Addouh.