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Interview: Exon Bacon

Thursday, December 17, 2015

With his Crepuscule EP having just dropped over on Play Label Records, Brussels based producer Exon Bacon has only continued the course he's on to further success within the underground scene. The young talent caught up with us at Only The Beat to tell us a little more about himself and what is in store for the future.

OTB: Tell us a bit about your past in regards to music, were you always into the electronic scene or did it stem from somewhere totally different?

Exon Bacon: Music came to me very young from my father who is a real music lover, he owns tones of records and made me discover so many different artists from Portishead to Miles Davis including The Doors, which helped me to develop a really eclectic approach in music.

I discovered the european electronic music scene when I was around 15 which quickly brought me into Djing and shortly afterwards I started taking an interest in music production.

I really wanted to make my own sounds so i bought my first synthesisers and that was the beginning. Then I started to host parties and took the artistic direction of several concepts, the next step was to launch a label and produce artists what I did with Play Label Records.

OTB: How do you feel Brussels has shaped your sound today and how does the scene there compare to others around the world?

Exon Bacon: For me there are so many things that make Brussels so attractive that it necessary shapes your sound. Let's be honest it's always cold and raining but I think cold and rainy cities are a breeding ground for electronic music composers and artists in general, plus, Brussels has this particular atmosphere you won't find in other cities.

Apart from that, we have an important electronic and clubbing culture in Belgium due to the New Beat movement which was born in the early 90s. This movement left a mark on a new generation of musicians and had a real impact on the brussels electronic scene even if Brussels is not as its best for the moment.

OTB: You are set to release your latest EP on Play Label Records, what did you set out to achieve with this release and do you feel that you succeeded?

Exon Bacon: My sound has changed a lot this year and I wanted to finish 2015 with a release that really defines me. I worked a lot on these tracks and made a total analog mastering in order to add a real colour to my sound.

I don't know if I succeeded but I must say I'm pretty happy with that Ep, it sounds really good to me, even if I always hear little things I would like to improve after several listenings. That's maybe the worst thing when I make a track, I'm never totally satisfied with it, that's why I'm relieved when it's finally mastered and I can't change anything anymore.

OTB: Play Label Records is your own imprint, why did you decide to create the label in the first place?

Exon Bacon: It has always been something i've dreamed of to run a label and to work with different artists on a more global project where everyone can work together.

Play Label is a collective which we have thrown more than 250 parties and invited a lot of artists over 7 years in Brussels and elsewhere.

We've always wanted to produce our own music and to develop our sound through a recording label but it was important to do it at the right time and less than two years ago we finally launched it!

OTB: How do you feel you have benefitted as an artist from being a part of the label, has your sound changed as the sound of the label develops?

Exon Bacon: Yeah my sound is obviously changing with the development of the label. I'm asking all our artists to improve their skills and to give something better each time they release new tracks, so I became really hard with myself as I have to set an example.

Furthermore the sound of the label has matured since the first release, there is a clear guideline now, so, as an artist my tracks had to progress too.

OTB: Besides from yourself, who else can we expect to see on the label in the future?

Exon Bacon: On one hand we want to focus on a short artist-roster to have a real imprint and to develop a close relationship with our artists and our public. In that regard you'll be able to find one of the first Brussels-based artists that signed on the label, Red'Out, who will be back with a new Ep in early 2016. DkA and Latence are working on new releases too and Unders is also in the pipeline.

On the other hand we are more and more working with international guests like Dachshund and Cosmic Cowboys and we want to keep working with that kind of artists, mixing it with belgian talents. That's the direction we are taking for 2016, we have some really cool guests to come, but I can't say any more for the moment, i'm just really looking forward to next year.

OTB: What pulled you towards choosing the remix artists that you did for this EP?

Exon Bacon: Cosmic Cowboys and Dachshund are both really good artists, I've played tracks from those guys so many times!

Each of them has his proper style, they are quite different, not only regarding their musical universe but also on how their tracks sound.

I really wanted to have their own version of Le Soir and La Nuit.

OTB: New Year is coming around, what are your main goals to achieve for both yourself as an artist and also the label?

Exon Bacon: 2015 is almost over and I have the feeling that things fell into place concerning my artistic career and the label.

This year I spent most of the time in studio, making new tracks and working on Play Label Records' artists releases, now i'm going to enjoy family time and prepare 2016 with care.

OTB: Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Exon Bacon: There are many artists i'd like to collaborate with, but if i really had to pick one it would be Christian Löffler. It is definitely one of the artists of the year for me, he has a really singular universe, melancholic, dark and deep, that truly touches me.

OTB: Finally what are your top five tracks now to play in your sets?

Exon Bacon: Ripperton - Ordine Gigante (original mix)

                        Quarion - Burnin' (original mix)

                        Villette - Fall (Christian Löffler remix)

                        Jimpster - Drakkar Noir (original mix)

                        Denis Horvat - Apart (Hyenah remix)

Crepuscule is out now on Play Label Records...