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Behind the Beat: Nathan Barato

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Between touring South America and releasing a killer EP on Kaluki Musik, Canadian producer Nathan Barato found the time to call in Only The Beat to talk us through this recent EP and more.

OTB: Tell us abit about how you first got into electronic music, is there a key memory that stands out?

NB: Basically I wanted to do everything my big brother Jason did..he started DJing and I wanted to also. So I copied his ass and there you have it

OTB: Were you always surrounded by music, growing up in your area, your family etc?

NB: Not a ton...but there were some key times where I was influenced heavily...mainly by my brother Jason and all he listened to. Also my uncle Frankie...he has wicked taste

OTB: Have you always stayed within the genre you now sit within, or did you experimented within different areas?

NB: When I first started playing there wasnt such a focus on playing one genre...I played hip hop house rock slow jams whatever it took to get the girls jamming nah mean?

OTB: What do you think about the Canadian scene and how does it compare to others around the world for your genre?

NB: Were pretty lucky here. We have fresh taste and take direct influence from our brothers in the UK

OTB: You have an EP forthcoming on the Kaluki imprint, how was the creative process with this one and did you accomplish what you set out to achieve, what was that? Did you build it around the quirky vocal or was it the other way around?

NB: Ya pretty much made exactly what I was going for...which is nice because that doesnt always happen lol....I made the beat then sent it to Kid Enigma and he laid down some vocals that I then tweaked, edited etc...some FX nah mean?

OTB: This release features three remixes, how did you go about selecting who would deliver their own spin on your creation?

NB: I didnt select the remixers but as the boys of Kaluki came at me with ideas of them I was def all in...all these cats involved are great guys and wicked producers so it was a no brainer !

OTB: How have the tracks been going down in your sets, is one mix killing it more than the others?

NB: Well to be honest I like to play mine mainly...I have dropped the Pirate Copy a bunch of times and it went offffff

OTB: Moving away from this current release, what can we expect from you as we head into 2016, many more releases lined up?

NB: Ya a ton of releases lined up! Cant exactly speak about them all but net one is a collab with my bro Francisco Allendes on Japanese label Session Womb then its an EP for Hot Creations then an original for Cuartero's, Sanity Records...and a couple more bits comin....always working !

OTB: How are your bookings looking too? Any crazy shows planned for NYE?

NB: Bookings have been a blast...very happy at the moment with some amazing shows lining up for 2016...New Years Eve me and my best pals Carlo Lio and The Junkies go back to back all night long at our homebase in Toronto, Coda ....cant wait !

When I Do (My Thang) is out now on Kaluki and available here.