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Interview: Dandi & Ugo

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Following their release on Opia Records earlier on this week, Dandi & Ugo stepped into Only The Beat for a quick chat to cover more about this impressive record and what's in store for the new year...  

OTB: So how did you guys come about making music together?

D&U: Our story comes from a great friendship and a lot of passion for techno music

OTB: Where did the inspiration come from for this EP?

D&U: The inspiration of this e.p. come from the desire to experiment with new sounds

OTB: Did you both take on separate roles when working in the studio? Who handled what?

D&U: Each creates ideas in your studio! Then we exchange ideas ..

OTB: What has the reaction been like to this EP when playing it out in the clubs, does one track go off more than the others?

D&U: Each version creates its proper appeal!

OTB: How did your relationship come about with Opia?

D&U: We love the passion and seriousness that the guys put in the label!

OTB: Can we expect to hear further releases from you on this imprint?

D&U: Probably and perhaps always for OPIA!!

OTB: How do you want people to feel when they listen to these tracks?

D&U: Totally in hypnosis....

OTB: Who is your biggest influence when it comes to music and why?

D&U: our biggest influence come from the crowd...we try every time to take inspiration from the energy they give us!

OTB: What do you have planned for the new years eve celebrations?

D&U: For NYE will play @Elektrok├╝che (Koln) and the 1st of january@ the after organised by the legendary U60311's staff called OUT OF SPACE (Frankfurt)!

OTB: What would be your number one track to drop at midnight?

D&U: Mmmm we don't know exactly now, maybe some promo yet to receive!

OTB: Finally where would you like to see yourselves this time next year?

D&U: Everywhere !!!

Totally Indigestible is out now and available here.