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Oceans Tells Us His Plans For 2016 (Interview)

Sunday, January 03, 2016
Madison Riccardi

21 year old Filippo Fagnoni is an Italian born Electronic Music artist that now resides in the PA/NYC area. After growing up in Italy and Germany, he came to the states to attend college. After receiving a DJ controller for his 19th birthday and downloading Ableton, Oceans was born. From an early age, music has always been a part of Filippo’s life. From rides with his dad listening to Neil young and the Cranberries, to countless bands and instrument playing in high school, music was in his blood. After going through his punk rock and hardcore phase, the 21 year old producer is now focused on electronic music and with his SoundCloud follower count steadily rising, Oceans is a name that you should become familiar with. If you aren’t familiar, check out my interview with the growing producer below. OTB: What was your inspiration for starting to produce dance music? Oceans: I don’t think there was one thing I can pinpoint that inspired me to produce electronic music - I think it was more of a combination of my passion for music in general and the lack of creation of music in my life at the time I started. Since I was always in bands growing up, when I got to college that kind of stopped… once I found Ableton and was finally good enough to get my ideas down on my software, I was inspired by other artists and the great environment of electronic music to keep going and make a name for myself. OTB: Who is your dream collaboration? Oceans: Ooooh this is a tough one! The top 3 artists in my list not in order would be RL Grime, Rustie, and NGHTMRE. Oh and Porter Robinson. OTB: What was your inspiration behind your Artist Showcase mix? Oceans: I think every mix is different, sometimes it’s hard for people to understand that. I have shows where I play lots of vibes stuff and try to capture emotions for the people listening, and sometimes I have shows where I go hard and love playing harder sounds like dubstep and trap. When I was growing up, my music taste was so diverse that it really taught me to appreciate the harmonics of different genres together, and I try to do that the most I can whenever I play live or create mixes. For the Artist Showcase mix (shoutout OTB thank you so much!), I wanted to try and capture the two sides to my performances all in one – the softer, emotional side of my music, mixed with more the heavier side of my sound. OTB: Personally, it feels like your tracks have a lot of emotion behind them, does this come from personal experiences? Oceans: I’m glad you noticed that! Means a lot to me. Every time I start a track, the sound that comes from those initial stages is always related to what I am feeling at that moment or in that period of my life. I think it’s easy to correlate personal experiences with my tracks, because just like with most music, it’s an outlet of emotion, an outlet of feelings that create the atmosphere of the track. I like to think that when people listen to my music and are going through some tough stuff, they can connect to the sounds and heal in their own ways. OTB: What can we expect from you in 2016? Oceans: Lots of things! I’m super excited about this coming year, but to be completely honest many things pop up as surprises so I can’t be too sure what this year has in store for me. I’ll be playing lots of shows in the NorthEast (shoutout Smoothie Tunes, if you’re around NYC on Jan 23rd, come to BabyCastles and see me play!) and I’m trying to organize some shows with the homie DEVAULT in Cali for the spring. Production wise, I have some cool collabs coming out at different times in the early part of the year, and I’ll be releasing either a full album or an EP before the year ends. I’m also working hard with the label I created, INSOMNIAK, to branch out and grow my artists: I think it’s important to get the talent out there if you find it. OTB: Any upcoming tracks that you can tell me about? Oceans: Some things are a little secret, hehe. But I have another track in the works with the homie Emzhi (check him out, very talented and underrated producer from LA) that should be ready soon. I have a track with DEVAULT that is coming out as a premiere sometime in January or February, and I have a couple solo songs that I am working on to be released. It’s hard sometimes to balance out school, work, and music but my goal is to release 2-3 tracks a month on my channel, while doing other premieres and collabs with cool producers, while growing as an artist and performer. OTB: How would you describe your sound? Oceans: Hmm this is a harder question for me! Most of the time I produce future bass and chillout, but I also love producing trap, hip-hop, and other types of newer, more urban sounds – so it varies all the time. I have heard people telling me that when I release a track or a collab, that there is that “oceans” sound in there. I think the best way to describe my sound would be lots of uplifting, emotional sounds that combine to create a different experience. I like to take inspiration from other artists, but never to copy it because I want to try and add my own emotion and sound to it. OTB: If you could've made one song that is out already which song would it be and why? Oceans: I think it would be either Because of U by RL Grime, or Slasherrr by Rustie. I think both songs are just beautiful, and they convey so much emotion that it makes me shake a little whenever I hear them. The two songs are really a prime example of putting all the emotion bottled up in someone or something, and releasing it in the medium of sound and positive energy. OTB: Dream venue to play at? Oceans: Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, and Red Rocks in Colorado. OTB: Lastly, anything you would like to say to your supporters? Oceans: Thank you so so so much to everyone that listens and supports my music! I know sometimes it may seem just like I say this to get on the map or get on someone’s news feed, but I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today if I didn’t have the support of my family, friends, and complete strangers. One of my friends that went to my high school and now goes to UCLA once told me that her roommate from Taiwan had heard my music in Taiwan and became a big fan, even before the two were roommates. I think that speaks volumes on the fact that there are lots of people supporting my music around the globe, and it really just means the absolute world to me! Couldn’t do it with all your support. Lotsa love, Oceans <3

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