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Behind The Beat: Andrea Di Rocco

Thursday, February 04, 2016


Berlin-based producer/DJ Andrea Di Rocco has released tracks on countless influential labels throughout his career, including the likes of Alex Niggemann's AEON and Dirtybird. His most recent production finds him appearing on the British label Killer Vibe Records. The EP comes packed with two impressive originals from the pair, with Andrea stepping up to close the Hypnostise EP with his take on 'Busy'. We caught up with Andrea to find out more about what he's been up to alongside this release as well as what is to come in the future.

Vibe Killers - Hypnotised E.P. feat. Andrea Di Rocco Remix

Only The Beat: Hi Andrea, how you doing? Andrea Di Rocco: Hi there, everything is cool. Had a nice weekend and now I'm back working on some new tunes. OTB: What have you been up to since Christmas? Andrea Di Rocco: I visited my family in Italy, ate a lot of good food, met my lady and all of my good friends, danced, worked, changed the flat, it was a bit busy time for me actually. OTB: So, you've been working with Vibe Killers, what was it like working the two brothers' material? Andrea Di Rocco: It was nice, I needed some days before got the idea of how I wanted to make this remix. The original version is a strong track so I tried to make something different but at same time solid, I hope people will like it. OTB: How much did you know about them before? Andrea Di Rocco: We got in contact because I loved their track "Sunrise," we had a little chat then I listened to the whole "Killer Vibe" catalogue and we left with, "maybe we'll makes something together in future." And after some time a call for a remix arrived, I was happy. :) OTB: What impressed you most about their set up and sound? Andrea Di Rocco: I like their punchy/raw house-influenced sound. Dance floor-oriented so it is always nice time in a club while playing their tracks, they are super producers! OTB: Do you anticipate doing some more work with Killer Vibes in the near future? Andrea Di Rocco: We haven't planned anything yet, but I'll be happy if our paths will cross again, of course. OTB: Getting played on T. Williams' Rinse podcast – that's ace! Is T. Williams someone you know or look up to personally? Andrea Di Rocco: Not really, I just know him as a DJ/producer, once I wrote him a thank you message, when he played a set B2B with Shadow Child and a track of mine featured. I appreciate his support, cool guy. OTB: Is there anyone you look up to in particular? Andrea Di Rocco: There are a lot of nice producers at the moment, currently I'm interested in the Katal and System2 sound. OTB: Someone you'd like to work with in the future? Andrea Di Rocco: If I dream? With my hero DJ Sneak OTB: What does 2016 have in store for you? Any tours or residencies in the pipeline? Andrea Di Rocco: Yes, I will for sure have gigs in Berlin and Munich and also in Teramo (Italy) as well. I have a radio show in Berlin and some other nice ones lined up. OTB: Are you going to be in the studio producing some new material? Andrea Di Rocco: I do already have some tracks ready to go. The best in my opinion is a collaboration with a special voice from Chicago "Kid Enigma," called  "Feelin' Myself". I'm also looking forward for the edits of my track "LFO I Love You" originally released on Dirtybird; one is made by me and the other one by "David Mayer" from KEINEMUSIK. Won't say on which labels yet! The Hypnotised EP from Vibe Killers, featuring Andrea's remix is out now on Killer Vibe Records, pick up a copy here.