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Behind The Beat: Fennec & Wolf

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Fennec & Wolf, a solo electronic producer hailing from Cologne, Germany is kicking off 2016 with a three-track EP off the label he co-owns, Incroyable Music. The Cassini EP which is named after the space probe that collected such sounds that sample within this collection. Alongside his original production, it features two reworks from Kevin Over and Boy Next Door, which are both moving, powerful and club friendly. Stepping away from his busy schedule, Fennec & Wolf managed to squeeze in a chat with us to open up further about himself as an artist and his label Incroyable Music.

Fennec & Wolf - Cassini 'EP'

Only The Beat: How has your year been so far? Do you have any big hopes, goals and dreams for 2016? Fennec &Wolf: The year started great, finally everything about our label Incroyable Music has been taken care of and is ready to roll. Myself and my colleague and co-founder Bellville can focus on making music again, since we now have someone who does most of the label work. We finished shooting the video for one of my upcoming releases and some tracks I've been working on. My goal for 2016 is to spend more time in making music and to concentrate on the development of our label. We will release our first Incroyable merchandise collection this year and I hope we'll impress some of the fashion people out there! OTB: When did you first start collecting music and how long was it until you specialized in what you play? What made you love dance music so much? F&W: I grew up with four older siblings and they were all into different kinds of music - Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop and Arabic music (Tareb) so I had a great music collection as a child. When I moved to Germany in 1995, I bought my first records and a few years later I became a Hip-Hip DJ. Later on I realized that I was missing something in Hip-Hop and started to listen to House music more and more, finding what I was missing in Hip-Hop: innovation. OTB: When did you start the label, what inspired and influenced it and what music do you look to put out on it? Is there a sound for it? F&W: I started the label with colleague Bellville. Our first release was in May 2015, so not very long ago. We both wanted to create a brand and not just a label. I was confused when sending out demos and waiting for a long, long time to get a response. In the beginning we were searching for a signature sound but we realized very quickly that it should be a mixture of the music we both love to play. "Incroyable Music is committed to a creative and unapologetic musical approach that goes way beyond the traditional boundaries of genre." OTB: What are the best a worst things about running a label these days? What highlights have you had, what are the challenges you face? F&W: The best things are deciding what to release and when, standing behind the label projects and also building a family around the label. But of course there is a lot of background work that needs to be done. One of our highlights has been our Incroyable label nights, we had about twenty in Germany last year. It's always nice to see how much positive feedback and inspiration we get about what we do. I think the challenge of making music today is the natural obsolescence of music since the crowd is always in need of all new tracks. OTB: What are your aims when making a track, where do you start, do you love the bass most or the synths or are you a melodies man, maybe? F&W: It differs, sometimes I start with a sample that I hear on a record or, like my latest release 'Cassini' in a sample pack that was given away by NASA! Sometimes I'm playing with a synth till I have tweaked a good sound to use. OTB: Should dance music have a social or political message? Or is it more about helping people have fun? F&W: That's a point that I'm missing in dance music and generally in music business it is all about the money. We're missing characters like Bob Marley, John Lennon or 2Pac who were influenced by their political opinions. Dance music started to become a culture, like Hip-Hop in the late 80's. I believe that dance music should have a range of political messages. OTB: What's your studio like - do you use hardware of software and why? What are some of your favorite bits of kit? F&W: I used to have several hardware synths but after I bought the Arturia Pack and the Komplete Ultimate, I sold the hardware. If I need something, I can still borrow it from one of the Incroyable family, they're all addicted to analogue stuff. My favorite kit in the studio is the NI Machine at the moment, I really love how much I can do with it. OTB: Finally, what do you do outside of music and away from DJing? F&W: If there is some free time I'm spending it with my loved ones, hanging out with my big family and my friends at the weekends, or go to the cinema or cook something nice at home with my girlfriend. I love series and movies. I sometimes wish I had more time for sports, but then again, it's not that bad to have a good excuse for not going to the gym every single day! 'Cassini' EP is out now on Incroyable Music, pick up a copy here.