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Paul T & Edward Oberon Talk V Recordings & Pushing Their Sound

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Highly creative drum & bass producers, Paul T and Edward Oberon, have just signed to the legendary UK label V Recordings, and with it they brought a brand new release. We grabbed the pair for a chat about their current musical direction and how it feels to be part of such an institution.

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OTB: Congrats on signing with V Recordings! Have you always been a fan of the label? PT & EO: "Thank you! Yes, We have both been fans of V, Liquid V, Chronic and Philly Blunt for years. What an iconic label that stands out from the crowd. For us, in the beginning, tunes like "Brand New Funk" and "Desperado" made massive effects in drum and bass. From artists like Krust, Roni Size, Adam F, all the way up to AI, Commix, Marky, SPY; V is a cornerstone. It began with Movement, the stronghold on Wednesday night in London, and it continues now with nights like Philly Blunt, Planet V, and Liquid V events in London as well as different cities around the world." OTB: What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received since being involved with the D&B scene? PT & EO: "'Keep pushing your unique style and own it'. This has been said by many peers and icons in drum and bass. It's really positive and reinforcing to hear that what you are doing is refreshing, making waves and having a strong impact in music, and seeing it first hand is equally humbling. It strengthens what you already believe, and the drive to create only grows stronger as challenges are met head on." OTB: How long did your new singles take to write? PT & EO: "'Out of the Dark' took about two weeks between writing, recording and finalizing the arrangement..."Surrender" took three weeks, as originally, it was 3 completely different pieces of music that we decided to combine into one idea. It was a great process overall, as we were able to try new concepts." OTB: What is your studio arrangement like? PT & EO: "We both have studios in London. Sometimes we write separately, sometimes we record together, sometimes we record separately. We produce together and separately as well - and ultimately collaborate to complete, sometimes songs are written in paper notation first then transferred later. It depends on the time and place. We use both MAC and PC, with a wide range of software and hardware starting with things like Akai MPC, Roland Juno for those classic/yet freeform sounds, and we have a collection of throwback hardware that we have repurposed into vocal controllers and triggering modules. We love using unorthodox techniques and experimenting. As far as Software we use Logic, Sonar, and FLstudio. Occasionally, Ableton Live and Davinci Resolve for something a bit further ;)" OTB: Which song has gone down better with fans? PT & EO: "'Tempt' was our first breakthrough track for V that grabbed fans/listeners into our style. Our follow up, "Out Of The Dark" / "Surrender" on V has garnered the same amount of attention and then some with a following. Listeners, DJs, and fans are into both varied sounds on this release." OTB: Where could we catch you guys playing in the near future? PT & EO: "Coming up a feature with DNBTV, a Philly Blunt night and True Romance in London, Swindon, Bristol and Leicester. On the continent, Germany, Spain and Estonia. We're also excited to say we have North American dates for the summer, followed by a first time visit to Sun & Bass shortly after."