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Behind the Beat: Moksi

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Josh Habursky

Moksi, the Dutch duo on the Yellow Claw's Barong Family imprint have only been around for 10 months. The guys have only been around for 10 months, but are already producing hits and packing venues alongside their Barong Family counterparts. Only The Beat: So you have D.C. tonight and upcoming shows in Syracuse, Boston, and Philly. What is your favorite city to perform in and why? Samir: It is very difficult to say. We are only here on our 2nd run. We were here in December for a few shows, but this is only the 2nd time we are here playing in America. If I had to say, Santa Cruz was really a good show for us. New York was also really great. Coming from Europe, the crowd in America is very different. People are really into the music, they are watching, listening, dancing and filming everything. OTB: What is the craziest story that you can tell us from the tour so far? Samir: Haha. All of the stories are very personal. We are of course touring with Yellow Claw and those guys are very famous for being wild. I cannot really name one specific situation that is crazy. Every situation is both fun and wild.


OTB: Can you give our readers some background information on why you choose the name Moksi? Diego: Before we formed Moksi, back in the old days he (Samir) was producing under another name and I was an MC in Holland. We were hanging out one day and putting together some music for fun. We called it Moksi, which is a Suriname word for ‘Mix’. OTB: Favorite activities outside of DJing and producing music? Samir: I am a father of two kids and they keep me busy. I love that part of my life. Diego: Music is my life, totally. OTB:Of course, Moksi is known for a specific style, but if you had to select one accessory that defines you, what would it be? And where does your style come from? Samir: The bucket hat. We started out making music and our management said that when you are making music and on stage you have to be unique. We came up with the idea to mix the old 90's Hip-Hop streetwear with London streetwear. Our style is a crossover. The bucket hat and the tracksuit are the main combination, but we also have the matching sneakers. OTB:Where do you like to work the most the studio, nightclub of festival? Samir: Studio. Diego: Festival. OTB:What are you plans for this year? Any major projects? Remixes? Collaborations? Diego: We have two or three remixes coming. We have a new EP coming. Samir: We did a remix for DJ Snake and his song 'Propaganda'. We did a remix for Yellow Claw and their song 'Feel It' from the Blood For Mercy Album. We also did a remix for Kill the Noise and Dillon Francis called 'Dolphin on Wheels' and those are coming out in the next two months. The next EP is almost finished with four new tracks and we are doing some collaborations. We definitely have a lot of new music on the shelf. OTB: Personally, I am a fan of the 'No Class' remix. Samir: Yeah, especially with the video. There is a story behind the video. Jim from Yellow Claw called us and said that he had a new song with Mightyfools. And we were like, which one? And he told us it isn't even finished, but that they are shooting a video in 7 days and want us to do a remix for it. The next day we got the parts of the unfinished track and we made a 45 second song. Then Jim called again and said we are shooting the video. We thought it was for the original song, but Jim wanted our 45-second track in the original video. We didn’t even finish the full remixed track until after the video was done.

Yellow Claw & Mightyfools - No Class

OTB: What's it like being a member of the Barong Family? Who is the Godfather of the Barong Family? Samir: This is the wrong question we don't really have a Godfather. We have Aunt Vivian who is the spiritual mentor of the Barong Family, label manager, and boss. The Barong Family should be the example for the rest of the EDM scene of how you work with your artists. Yellow Claw did not start a label to just make money or promote themselves. They really want to help artists and create good music. For example, if we went tomorrow and told them we want to do hardcore from now on, they would say let’s do it. They will never say do this or don’t this. They advise and give artists their platform. Barong Family is the reason we launched so fast. We have only been around for 10 months since we released our first song. Now, we are already touring in America only because the Barong Family wants to take us to the next level. Diego: It feels like a real family. We are lucky to be a part of it.

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