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Behind The Beat: ATTIC BEATS

Monday, May 02, 2016
Madison Riccardi

The 20-year-old Chad Palmer, better known as Attic Beats, is a producer from the small town of Bristol, Pennsylvania. Here's a little background info...being that Chad grew up in such a small town, he graduated with a high school class of only about 6o kids. Additionally, he grew up as an only child with really young parents, which he feels really shaped him into the person he is today. Having young parents, well, they get the whole producing thing; they really gave him the freedom to shape his own life. Enough back story though, lets fast forward to current day. As of now, he is currently a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, and according to Chad attending school was the best decision of his life. He is currently producing Trap and Future Bass, and even though he is busy producing music, he also finds the time to run a collective called Rare Conspiracy, and they just happened to drop their fourth EP on 4/20.

"Music is what keeps me motivated everyday, it really has helped shape me into the person I am."

I got to catch up with Attic Beats and ask him about how he got his name, genres, what's up next for him and much more. Check it out below! Only The Beat: For those who don't know, how did you get the name Attic Beats? Attic Beats: "I was in 10th grade when I started putting Hip-Hop beats on YouTube. One day I was sitting there writing a bunch of different names trying to think of what to call myself as an artist. At the time, I was in my room at my mom’s house and it is in the Attic. Attic Beats just seemed to fit what I was doing so well." Only The Beat: Your style of production seems to go from Trap to Future Bass to Chill, do you think you will ever branch out from those genres? Attic Beats: "I’m definitely open to working on other genres of music, but my heart definitely lies with Trap and Future Bass, along with making beats for people to lay down some bars over. These genres are really where my heart is at." Only The Beat: Who is your biggest musical inspiration? ​ Attic Beats: "Honestly, it would have to be a combination of my friends and family. People that support what you’re doing is something that doesn’t go unnoticed as an artist. Having people in your life like that is priceless." Only The Beat: What is your dream venue to play at? Attic Beats: "I want to say my dream venue would have to be the main stage at EDC Vegas, I feel like that’s the place you have to strive to be at. Nothing less can be expected. I would also love to play at the Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State. I’ve seen DJs there over the past two years, and I can’t imagine playing for some of the people that support what I’m doing the most." edc ms Only The Beat: Who is your biggest supporter (besides your amazing fans of course)? Attic Beats: "Without a doubt my mom, she allows me to be myself and has been there for me through so much in life. Not sure what I would do without her." Only The Beat: Do you think growing up in PA has influenced your style of production at all? Attic Beats: "Without a doubt it has, as I grew up with a Hip-Hop background in the suburbs right outside of Philadelphia. When I first started to produce music, all I made was Hip-Hop beats; looping things up and throwing down some drums overtop. Overtime as my love for music continued to grow, and I started to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each song more and more, I started to venture off into other genres such as Future Bass and Trap. As I continued to produce, my love and respect for guys who produce a lot of these popular tracks has grown so much." Only The Beat: Any artists you look to for inspiration, if so why? Attic Beats: "First two people to come to my mind are Metro Boomin and RL Grime. The amount of success Boomin is having at such a young age is remarkable. All of the hard work in the studio for him is paying off. When certain beats come on, even before you hear his tag, you can tell it’s a Metro beat and I respect that so much. To go off that, RL Grime continues to set himself apart with his sound. Both of them just pump out quality music, and I’m sure inspire many other producers too." Only The Beat: Who is your dream collaboration? Attic Beats: "My dream collaboration would have to be Metro Boomin or RL Grime; having a studio session with either one of these guys would be incredible and so beneficial to the music I’m trying to make. Every time I collaborate with someone it’s a great opportunity to learn something new. I can’t imagine what I would learn or observe working on a track with either one of these guys." Only The Beat: In your opinion, what is the best music festival and why? Attic Beats: "When it comes to the electronic music scene, I would definitely say EDC Vegas is the best music festival. The venue and the hype around that weekend is just on another level. The lineup of DJs never disappoints. Year after year this concert displays some of the best guys in the world." Only The Beat: What is next for Attic Beats? Attic Beats: "Right now I’m in the midst of working on a Trap EP that I’m looking to drop in the next month. I also have collabs in the works with Lox Chatterbox, Oceans, Ye., OPVS, Elkamix, and Bucket. I have a lot of new music coming out just in time for summer. I’m looking forward to the future, and can only continue to work hard to set myself apart everyday. Thank you to everyone that supports what I’m doing, that’s what makes everything worth while."

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